Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 6

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Finn worries about Rey. Poe still thinks Finn is in league with the First Order. Finn has to repeatedly keep telling Poe that he no longer associates with the First Order, but Poe, still blinded by anger after seeing his parents die, doesn’t believe him.

It isn’t until Finn suggests that they need to save Rey that Poe starts to second guess his thoughts on Finn. Han is especially moved by Finn’s chivalry, having been in a similar position with Leia. He’s also connected with Rey a couple of times as well, showing her how the Falcon operates and how to shoot a gun. Han sets up another hologram call with Leia. Leia tells them that they’re late getting to the republic and Han sheepishly tells her that they ran into some trouble at Maz’s place.


Leia gives a knowing smirk and shakes her head before saying that Han was never great at keeping dates anyway. Han then tells Leia that their captive may not be all that bad and that he actually wants to save his little girlfriend. Poe, on the other hand, is not all that convinced just yet. Plus, he doesn’t see the point in saving her at all, if she’s even still alive. She’s just a silly girl that bit off more than she could possibly ever chew.

Han feels at least somewhat responsible for allowing her to come along in the first place. Finn lets them know that they won’t kill Rey, at least not immediately. The First Order is still very much in the intel-gathering stage of their plans. But it doesn’t guarantee anything since once they dry her up of information, they most likely will either kill her or attempt to brainwash her. He mentions there’s a chance they’ll brainwash her. She’s a perfect target. She comes from nowhere, and no one will ever miss her.

Han believes that settles it then and they have to save Rey, much to Poe’s surprise. Leia agrees with Han. Poe then respectfully addresses Leia. He tells her that he refuses to put faith in not only a suspected enemy but also in some desert-dwelling scavenger girl. Leia then sternly tells Poe that ignorance toward anyone, good or bad, can possibly lead to greater problems; something Han and Leia have possibly both learned from what happened with their son. BB-8 then rolls up against Poe’s leg and gives a couple beeps and boops. His most trusted droid is also on board as well. At that, Poe gives in.

Regrouping at the republic, Finn tells them the location of the First Order base on Ilum. It’s likely they will know they’re coming, so they probably won’t take the time to brainwash Rey just yet. They head there with a small bit of extra republic manpower as a rescue squad, doubling as a shutdown operation as well.


On Ilum, Rey and Kylo are both exhausted from the mental strain of the torture and the performance of the technique respectively. Captain Phasma steps in and tells Kylo that Rey may have actually told him everything she knows the first time. This frustrates Kylo. To him, there’s no way someone he thinks is close to Han would not know valuable information on where Luke is.

Young and still blind to many aspects of the Force, Kylo surmises that Rey is using some kind of technique to resist him. Perhaps something that Snoke hasn’t yet taught him. In reality, Rey is just a scrappy scavenger girl with a strong force of will. Perhaps the Force is protecting her to some degree so that her mind doesn’t completely shatter from the unnecessary torture. Rey’s strong will-power allows her to tap into it on that level, but neither character is completely aware of it. This can serve to show her potential without stepping into the realm of realization as she does in the film. This will also serve to convey that maybe Kylo isn’t as powerful as we thought when first introduced and that he still has much to learn himself.

And there’s part 6. Stay tuned for the next parts soon!

How would you fix this Star Wars trilogy?


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