Super Bowl Six Pack: 3 Good and 3 Underwhelming Commercials

Whether you’re a football fan or not, everyone enjoys the Super Bowl commercials. The cost for a 30-second commercial is around $5.6 million. Companies like Tide, Bud Light, and a luxury car brand are always going to advertise. Oddly enough Avocados from Mexico always advertises and I’m not sure why. Many people will talk about the commercials for days following the big game. So keeping with tradition here is a look at 


This commercial checks off all the boxes. Likable actors. Clever use of the product. And the one-liners from each era made this commercial that much better 

If you have seen the popular show Blackish this commercial gave you that vibe as it gave me one. Anthony Anderson is great at acting with that family dynamic. 

These are the kind of companies and products that I think should advertise during the Super Bowl. Obviously the NFL isn’t going to turn down Wal-Mart or other big companies but this product seemed important to me and I think was overlooked. 

Not So Good

In my opinion, there weren’t any flat out bad commercials. Just commercials that I feel didn’t take advantage of being a Super Bowl spot.

It’s really hard to advertise a car so I’ll give Audi the benefit of the doubt. You either have to be funny…and that’s about it. The Hyundai “Smaht Pahk” commercial was at least funny. This wasn’t funny or anything else.

This commercial reminded me too much of this Apple commercial that pulls the same elderly strings to make you try to feel sad. It didn’t feel original. 

I had read on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that Mr. Peanut died and thought it was clever marketing to build up to something like that for a Super Bowl ad. When the ad came out, I was underwhelmed. It went over my head as well as others that it was a play on Baby Yoda. I also felt the ad was too short.

Which Super Bowl commercials did you like the most or the least? Leave a comment.

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