Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 5

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Maz and Kylo come face to face. She doesn’t seem all that intimidated by Kylo’s much taller stature and menacing-looking appearance while offering him a drink. Kylo tells her that a drink won’t be necessary. He gets right to business and tells her that he has reason to believe that there’s someone he’s looking for inside this very cantina and that it would be beneficial for her to bring them to him.

Maz states that hundreds of people come through this cantina every day and that Kylo will have to be more specific about who he’s looking for.

Before Kylo can answer he gets a commlink call. It’s one of his men that he stationed around the perimeter of the cantina. They spotted the runaway flunkie and his group and are giving chase through the forest area.

Kylo then tells Maz that he’s done here and leaves. Maz has an understandably concerned look on her face.

Cut to the forest. Our group is doing their best to get away, but more flunkies are slowly closing in on them. It also doesn’t help that Han’s old legs ain’t what they used to be, even if he is in better shape than most people at his age. (I imagine that maybe Chewie can scoop him up so he doesn’t lag behind? I’m not sure if Wookies age in the same way humans do and I’m sure Chewie is still pretty strong. Plus, that’s what friends are for, right? Just a minor suggestion.)

At any rate, First Order flunkies fire away at our group. Everyone except for Finn fire back as Finn probably wouldn’t have a weapon as a hostage. Rey is naturally the worst shot out of everyone with her shots visibly careening off at weird angles. She gets frustrated about this, leading to her taking a hit to a nonlethal area like her shoulder or something. She’s knocked out when she falls to the ground.

Finn attempts to turn back and help her up but more blaster shots prevent him from doing so safely. Poe and Han yell for him to keep running with Poe taking his hand and attempting to yank him along. Finn is reluctant to continue without Rey though and Poe tells him that their number one priority now is getting Finn back to the republic. Han and Chewie fire shots from their weapons in attempts to keep the two covered, but lets them know that now isn’t the time to be squabbling. Chewie can maybe even take a hit or two here but tanks them because he’s a beast.

Finn makes the choice of continuing on with the group with gritted teeth. His fear of the First Order overwhelming his early feelings for Rey in this moment. Eventually, they all escape to the Falcon.

As they fly off, Kylo appears as he makes his way to the unconscious Rey. His men inform him that the rest of them got away and then ask him what they should do with the girl.

Cut to the First Order base. It can still be on Ilum, but it’s not a freaking death planet. Mind tricks won’t be enough for Rey. So, Kylo tortures Rey mercilessly. He mistakenly associates her with greater republic matters and possibly with Luke as well since she’s been hanging with Han. Rey bends heavily, but her rough upbringing on Jakku makes her a tough cookie, though she’s definitely not directly countering Kylo’s Force technique. As such, she gives up what limited information she learned from Han and Poe. Kylo, naturally, won’t believe that she’s told him everything. The info. she divulges is pretty much useless. Thus, long and potentially unnecessary Force torture sessions ensue.

And there’s Part 5.


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