Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid’s Legacy a Better Read

Kansas City Chief’s head coach Andy Reid has a chance for his legacy to be read differently if he can win today.

In the sporting world, Sundays have always been synonymous with church and football.

Today, the granddaddy of all sporting events in the professional sports universe takes place in Miami, FL. The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs clashes with the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV at 6:30 ET.


Fortunately for coach Reid, this is not his first rodeo experiencing all of the hoopla and mystique that people associate with Super Bowl week.

In 2004, Reid was the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, led by then clever quarterback Donovan McNabb. Although Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens, miraculously returned from a gruesome broken leg injury he suffered during the playoffs in time to play in Super Bowl XXXIX, still, the New England Patriots won 24-21.

“My momma” always told me, “good things come to those who wait”. Coach Reid has the weight of his coaching legacy in balance. Especially considering he is seeking his first Super Bowl title in his 21st season.

One area in Reid’s professional tenure that has been gushingly successful is his NFL coaching tree. Two coaches who have exhaled in absolute bliss, once the confetti fell at the closure of Super Bowls are Baltimore Raven’s John Harbaugh (2013 Super Bowl Champions) and Philadelphia Eagles’ Doug Peterson (2018 Super Bowl Champions). Nonetheless, the elephant in the room that just so happens to be pink, is the fact coach Reid has never won a Super Bowl.

The task at hand for Reid to tackle, in order to put that narrative to rest is a tall one. Without question, this is one of the most highly anticipated Super Bowl matchups in NFL history.

San Francisco 49ers are arguably the stingiest defense in the NFL. Their players are aggressive, yet disciplined on defense. Also, on offense, they take what the defense gives them. Of which is not surprising, given 49ers took full advantage of New England Patriots’ generous offer to trade their star quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for a mere second-round draft pick.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs has legitimately 3 number one wide receivers who pose a threat to score deep on every possession. Most notably speedster wide receiver Tyrek Hill. Hill strikes fear in all opposing defenders on the field and defensive coaches off the field. Mahomes appears poised and ready to not only lead his team to victory but also be the face of the NFL for the foreseeable future. What is even scarier about Mahomes is he has the work ethic, love of the game, and skill set do it.


Reid’s decision to travel deep down the NFL coaching path was not without a personal loss. I remember during my time as a wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, head coach Dan Reeves would say “there’s always a price to pay”. Coach Reid endured an enormous misfortune publicly when his son Garett Reid, died of an accidental heroin overdose in 2012. I vividly recall watching a man handle his son’s passing as best as any man could given the circumstances. On that day, the strength and the courage exhibited, my respect level for coach Reid spiked exponentially!

Ironically in the United States, twenty-one is the legal drinking age. This is coach Reid’s 21st season as a head coach in the NFL. My auntie Brenda tells me constantly “timing is everything”. For two decades coach Reid engaged in war on the battlefield known as the football field. However, he has never won the final game. Nevertheless, with the arrival of Kansas City’s unexampled prolific quarterback Patrick Mahomes, maybe this time around the football gods will allow coach Reid the privilege to sip champagne when the winner is announced.

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