Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 4

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Unbeknownst to the Falcon crew, the vanishing First Order members contacted Kylo and Phasma after almost running into Han. Kylo surmises that Han will take a detour to the planet with Maz’s cantina to link up with her before going to the republic. Kylo is very aware of Maz as a character, having known her since he was a kid through Han and such. The connections she has across the galaxy have almost blown his cover more than once. After Phasma suggests that she’ll see to this matter, Kylo instead decides that he’ll see to it himself that Finn and his new party are taken care of personally this time.

Kylo commences his trip to Maz’s planet with a small group of First Order flunkies.


Han and the others get to the planet. Poe keeps a watchful eye over Finn with Chewie acting as the muscle. This will give Rey some screen time alone with Han. With her interest in mechanics being fairly high, I imagine Rey thanking Han for showing her around the Falcon and teaching her a thing or two about ships. They spew out some technobabble before Han shows her how to fire a blaster; something she’s going to need out in the adventurous wildlands of the galaxy. Rey is at first a little hesitant but then accepts the lesson. I imagine she thinks she won’t actually ever have to use the blaster except for in extreme situations. Her staff has also been a reliable weapon to her up to this point.

Inside the cantina, we meet Maz. Han sits down and chats it up with Maz, checking in to see if she and her informants have any intel. on Ben’s whereabouts. Maz is empty-handed on direct information at the moment. This obviously isn’t great news to Han and he’s a little sullen. He then mentions the item she told him about before heading to Jakku. Maz nods at the reminder but first addresses Finn and subsequently Rey. She mentions them being new faces. Poe says Finn is a prisoner while Han says Rey is a tag-along of sorts.

I imagine Maz possibly poking fun at Poe for being a bit too uptight as she’s not at all concerned about having a prisoner in her cantina. Stranger and more dangerous looking folk have come through her establishment in the past. She’s practically used to it. She introduces herself to both of them and then takes a closer look at Rey. I assume she’ll probably spew some mystical Yoda babble about her possibly having some great energy inside of her or something of that nature. Obviously, Rey will in no way take her seriously and think she’s just some crazy old woman. Maz will probably chuckle at Rey’s reaction and let her know that she’ll find her true potential in due time. She then asks everyone to join her and she takes the group to the back.

In this timeline, this is not Anakin’s lightsaber. It’s Ben’s Jedi lightsaber before switching to the crossguard. Perhaps one of Maz’s informants found it when he was on the brink of exposing Ben’s location. Maz and Han fill everyone in on the significance of the saber before she hands it to Han. He practically sheds a tear over it as it reminds him of that faithful day. The day in which he and Leia found Luke in front of the ashes of the Jedi temple. Han beats himself up over the fact that he let Ben slip away from him so easily. The magnitude of the moment is shared by all characters in the scene. Han thanks Maz. Maz then offers everyone a drink.


Before they can all partake, one of Maz’s employees interrupts them and tells her that there’s someone in the cantina that wants to see her. He mentions that the person in question is a masked, hooded figure in a dark cloak. Finn surmises that it’s more than likely Kylo Ren. Poe accuses Finn of giving their location away so that they could be followed. Finn denies this.

Han suggests that it was more likely a tracker, although he’s still confused as he and Chewie thoroughly checked the Falcon before leaving Jakku. (I assume you could even throw in a joke here where Han will blame Chewie for missing a spot when, in reality, there was no tracker at all.) Poe asks if there’s anything else Finn should tell them about Kylo. Finn is unable to do so. Being the lowest rank on the totem pole in the First Order doesn’t offer him that kind of information, naturally.

Han tells Maz that they need to get out of the cantina unseen. Maz informs them of a back exit and tells them that she’ll distract her new customer for as long as she can. She then puts a smile on her face and walks out, giving Kylo a big “Welcome!” as she heads to him. Our heroes then proceed to sneak out.

And there’s part 4.


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