Philadelphia Phillies: Bryce Harper is Primed for his Best Season Ever

After leaving Washington to come to the Philadelphia Phillies, outfielder Bryce Harper maintained his stellar play despite the Phils missing the playoffs last year. However, this season could the slugger’s best season ever.

I’m not just saying this because Harper is a big name. I’m saying this because he just posted a career-high in RBIs with 114.

He also smashed 35 home runs in 2019 and after spending a lot of time getting used to the City of Brotherly Love, Harper should be even more comfortable overall this coming season.


Let’s not forget the fact the Phils should have a more improved Rhys Hoskins and hopefully a healthier version of catcher J.T. Realmuto.

With those two players getting more on track, Bryce Harper‘s opportunities to drive in more runs will increase, which could push him back into the MVP conversation this season.

I think another thing that might help is there isn’t a media circus over what he plans to do or his offseason in general — in fact, I don’t think anyone has even talked about him this offseason, which is crazy.

Time to shine

Harper just received some extra motivation with his former team — the Washington Nationals — winning the World Series back in November.

He doesn’t have to use it as fuel, but let’s face it he doesn’t want to go ringless anymore with his friends in D.C. taking home the gold.

Harper is longing for another playoff appearance and as long as the Phillies take the next step in their development, they should be right in the thick of things this summer and beyond.

New coaches

It helps that the Phillies added a new manager in former Yankees skipper Joe Girardi and hitting coach Joe Dillon.

With Dillon being apart of the Nats’ coaching staff during their pursuit of a Fall Classic trophy and Girardi being on the ’09 Yanks, there’s more of an urge to taste a title, which should add some fire to the Phils clubhouse.

It’s all in the numbers

Harper had the second-most hits in his big league career with 149 and he also collected the second-most doubles in his career with. That’s the most hits #3 has tallied since 2015.

Harper understands how to make a clutch play and his plate vision is top-notch.

Bryce Harper brought a spark that the Phillies clubhouse has needed over the years and his passion for the game of baseball shouldn’t go unnoticed.

It helps that Harper gets more time to prepare for life at Citizens Bank Park and should make another All-Star team after missing the 2019 contest.

It’s amazing to sometimes to watch Harper play, but the fact he takes the game so seriously also sticks out.

I’m not saying Bryce Harper is going to be the best player in the game, but he’ll definitely remind everyone why he should not be forgotten.

Do you think Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, Bryce Harper is poised to have his best season in 2020? Leave a comment down below.

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