Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 3

Make sure you’ve read the previous parts before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Rey and Finn continue to bicker with each other as Rey goes from place to place in the little bazaar, carrying out her errands. She’s becoming irritated that Finn won’t leave her alone. He continues to plead with her to help him out. She’s adamant about leaving him to figure out things for himself. Eventually, Rey straight up tells Finn to leave her alone and tries to storm off but Finn grabs her hand. He asks her not to leave him under his breath. Not hearing him over the commotion of the bazaar itself, Rey blurts out an angry “What?!” and tells him to let go of her. Before Finn can answer, he recognizes a couple of people in the distance that spot him out.


Han and Chewie make it to the planet and meet up with Poe and BB-8. Poe tells Han what the situation is and that he’s spotted one of the bad dudes from last night in the current area. It doesn’t take too long to find them again. Finn and Rey are both seen being chased by a few real First Order flunkies who are out of uniform at the time.

After a bit of ducking and dodging, Han, Poe, and Chewie cut Finn and Rey off. Finn is in a bit of a panic. He knows that he’ll die if he’s captured by his former comrades, or at the very least be subjected to more brainwashing. Rey, on the other hand, is confused and angry, wanting to know why those guys are after Finn and why he dragged her along with him.

Poe is practically ready to knock Finn out but Han calms him down before turning his attention to the people that were chasing Finn and Rey. Han is unable to spot them though as they disappear within the crowd.

Poe tells Finn that he knows what happened and who he is. He then tells the same thing to Rey. She whips out her staff to defend herself. Finn tries to explain that she had nothing to do with what happened last night. Poe doesn’t listen and engages in a scuffle with Rey. She manages to give Poe a good whack with her staff before Chewie restrains her with his great strength and Han steps in to break it up.


After they all settle down, some real discourse happens between them. Finn has no choice but to explain his situation, much to Rey’s surprise. Poe is highly skeptical that Finn has really defected, plus it doesn’t change what happened. As the old and wise person in this situation, Han suggests that they take Finn back to the republic to shed some light on the First Order. Han then asks Finn what his name is. Finn gives Han his codename. Han comments that it was just a bunch of letters and numbers and asks for his real name. Finn then says that he doesn’t know what his real name is, or if he even had one. Han then makes a name up based on the codename and comes up with ‘Finn’.

Rey, finally having a chance to realize that she’s in the presence of Han freakin’ Solo, works up the courage to ask if she can tag along. This could be her only shot to get off of this desolate rock of a planet. Han sees the familiar glint in Rey’s eyes that he saw in Luke’s all those years ago. He also comments that she’s not a bad fighter either. Though, Poe comments that she got a lucky hit and her staff gave her an advantage. He also doesn’t agree with bringing Rey along at all. Han has the final word though and lets Rey join them.

While traveling through hyperspace, Han and Poe have a conversation about the search for Ben, who effectively ran away from Luke’s Jedi temple and family. Han’s had some luck getting traces on him, but nothing concrete. He reassures Poe that he’s not giving up. They then call up Leia via hologram to give her an update. After telling her they have a captive and a new crew member, Han and Leia share a loving exchange before the call ends. The two of them don’t get to see each other in the flesh that often due to her always wrapped up in republic business and him on the constant search for Ben. Han then tells Poe that they’re taking a small detour before heading to the republic. A confused Poe asks why and Han just says it’s important.


Meanwhile, Rey and Finn have a chat. Rey is still in slight disbelief that someone like Finn, who practically came groveling to her in the desert, is part of what seems to be such a heinous organization. Finn probably won’t have a way to explain himself. He just says that the First Order brainwashed him and that he’s not really like that. The two of them can possibly connect through the fact that they’ve both grown up as loners, more or less, and effectively have no family to speak of. Rey hasn’t really depended on anyone during her excruciatingly long time on Jakku. While Finn doesn’t even remember his life before the First Order and never really had a true connection with anyone, not even his fellow brainwashed comrades.

Before anything significant can happen between them though, Poe steps in and ruins everything.

And there’s part 3.


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