NBA: An Open Letter To LeBron James

Sunday the whole basketball universe was shaken by the unforeseen and unimaginable tragedy that took the lives of nine people including NBA Icon Kobe Bryant and his daughter. Before I get into this I want to make a couple of things clear. The first is that I am not a Lakers fan, but I am a basketball fan, and I recognize the impact that Kobe had on this game and the city of Los Angeles. The second thing is for all of you Los Angeles Lakers fans out there, it hurts now but it does get better. At the end of the letter, I have acquired some quotes from Lakers fans that I know that have some words for LeBron James. I had asked them just simply, “If LeBron was standing in front of you right now, with the whole city on his back (which it is) what would you say to him to encourage him going forward?”

Dear LeBron James,

I can only imagine what it feels like to be in the predicament you are in right now. Just a few days ago you broke Kobe’s record for the third-most points scored in an NBA career and now the day after, you hear about this tragedy. As I sit here, I write this as a pure fan of the game, and a more recent fan of yours. The character that you have shown off and on the court is second to none, you are truly an inspiration. Some of the things that you have done in your career are untouchable on and off the court.

Now to get down to business, the entire city of Los Angeles is counting on you. Kobe left massive shoes to fill and it is now up to you. You have a chance to cement your legacy by being absolutely beloved by three major cities (Cleveland, Miami, Los Angeles) and the nation. The city of Los Angeles right now is in serious mourning and whether they want to admit it or not, they are putting their faith in you. You have the chance to lift up this city in ways that it has never known before.

Right at this moment, there are people that feel as if they have lost their family members despite having never met Kobe in real life. LeBron James, with you, is the ability to inspire and transform that city and the team in the locker room. This is your moment and I as well as the City of Los Angeles and the entire world can not wait to see how you seize it. Get ready. Seize It.

Beneath this, I have compiled quotes from my longtime Los Angeles Lakers friends. Use these to help pull you through and be able to build you up to lead as you have never led before. This is their message to you, one of, if not the greatest basketball player of all time.

“Bron, you were built for this. You’ve always defied the odds no matter what team you’ve been on. The hate has been real. Envy has been real. But when Mamba celebrates your success rather than put you down—that should give you the strength to make it through. LA has been Kobe’s town. You’ve been given big shoes to fill. Now is the time to take us back to the promised land. This is the time to defy the odds again and do something special. For you. For us. For LA. For that kid from Philly who bright five titles home. For that kid from Akron who shook up the world. It’s time to get #17 for #8 & #24!”-Freddie Collins III

“this is your opportunity to become a Laker legend. To bring a title to LA, to honor Kobe would be one of the biggest moments in franchise history. Go get it!!”- Dorian Kraft

Be great on the court. Be even better off of it.”- Tim Mount

Things may not always go as planned, but as long as the team believes in themselves, and you believe in them as Kobe did, they will be victorious!!“-Gloria Glove Keller

remember to not give up, that basketball is just your job, and try hard to do your best when you are done working for the “day”, go be with your family and your friends and try to be a regular guy. It will be hard since he is so well-known, but at least try and continue to use your celebrity to make others aware of important issues.”- Lorrie McLain

Continue the legacy”- Corey Zelinka

“Hey, LeBron. You probably hate the news of Kobe Bryant’s death. And so does everyone else. But you know, shit like this happens. That is life sometimes. Life isn’t perfect. There were nine people on that helicopter. Two of them happened to be Kobe and his daughter.” “Do you believe in God, or have faith in a higher power? Believe in something, or just simply have faith that things will work out, as faith makes a big difference.”- David Carter

It would be for LeBron to acknowledge Kobe’s legacy in LA and that franchise fan base, and carry the Laker name in honor and give his best mamba mentality going forward to make LA the franchise to look up to and respected and leave the team with a foundation to build off of when it’s his time to retire! And to build the communities of LA like Kobe and magic had done !”-Jake Tyler Simon

Don’t try to be anyone else, be LeBron James. Be the best version of yourself, that’s all Kobe ever wanted from any of us.”- Jonathon Ashworth

To LeBron, I say bring it home not for you not for the team not for the fans win it bring it home for Vanessa the kids bring it home and do it in his honor”-Angel M. Belen

Keep respecting those who came before you as a Laker. I would also challenge him to find news to honor the Lakers Brand. As far as the season goes, beat the Clippers and be more aggressive in the playoffs while seeking that next Laker title.”- Anthony Fiuza (The Fuse)

Bring the Mamba Mentality!”-Brian McWilliam

I would tell him he’s one hell of a player and I respect the things he does on and off the court. He’s definitely a man of integrity and I wish him the absolute best with his future endeavors”-Brandon E. Grant.

4 words… do it for Kobe. Just play ball and give it your very best. It’s exactly what Kobe would’ve wanted”-Louis Balbo Jr.

We are all hit hard by Kobe’s passing, but you have the opportunity to keep the Mamba Mentality alive and well in the Lakers Organization. I’m sure Kobe has given you a lot of advice over the years and now you have the opportunity to really grasp that knowledge to use the Mamba Mentality to win a Championship for Kobe and help bring the organization some comfort. Win One For Kobe”-John Kegley

Just bring the chip back to LA AND FOR KOBE BRYANT DEDICATE THIS SEASON TO KOBE”-Raymond Gonzalez

Do It For Kobe”-Jerry Christopher Jr.

LeBron, seize your moment. This is your time to rise up once again. Get ready, because if you do. You WILL make history.

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