Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 2

Make sure you’ve read part 1 before continuing with this next part of this Star Wars patch up!

Rey is introduced as normal the day before the village events. She can still be a scavenger on Jakku, but her knowledge is limited. Maybe she’s a small-time mechanic that’s proficient at tinkering with smaller machines but wouldn’t know the first thing about a large ship. Obviously, she still has to be a Force-sensitive. Her connection with the Force isn’t so powerful though that she can already do Force pushes and pulls, perform mind tricks and contend with Kylo Ren both in the Force and in combat. You have to reasonably limit her power. Also, her parents are actually no one in this timeline. She is well aware that they’re dead and she was basically left on this planet to fend for herself, more or less.

Wandering the rest of the night after the village slaughtering, Finn finds himself stranded in the desert. As the sun rises, it quickly starts to beat down on him. Aimlessly heading toward nowhere, he spots Rey’s hideout spot inside the AT-AT sticking out of the sand from a distance. At this point, finding anything that isn’t sand is better than nothing. As he examines the spot and finds that it’s hollow inside, he comes face to face with Rey, who is getting ready for her day.

Understandably confused and maybe a little scared, Rey grabs her staff to defend herself from Finn. Finn tries to let Rey know that he doesn’t want to harm her. He was just looking for a place to get out of the sun. Rey promptly tells him that he isn’t going to find one here and tries to send Finn on his way. Finn asks if there’s at least a town or something nearby. Rey tells him that the next closest place of life she knows of isn’t for a few more miles. If Finn goes any longer in the desert, there’s a good chance he might not make it.

Rey is unwavering toward him until he starts showing a small bit of humanity by begging her to at least take him to civilization. Thus, starting the journey of Finn slowly reclaiming his humanity after his brainwashing.

Rey eventually agrees after being thoroughly annoyed and deciding that he really isn’t all that dangerous. She takes Finn on her speeder bike. A much more practical looking Star Wars speeder bike. Not the one that looks like a regular speeder but propped up on its side for some strange reason.

During their ride, perhaps Finn asks Rey how long she’s been on this planet. And maybe Rey believes it’s been too long.

Once they reach their destination, they walk into the little township together. Rey has business to take care of here, similar to yesterday. Finn continues to prod her with questions on how he can maybe make some cash fast to get off of the planet. He’s certain the First Order is looking for him. He’s a risk of blowing their cover too early. Though, he doesn’t tell Rey any of this. Rey tells him that everyone has to make it their own way around here or something to that effect. They continue to go back and forth with each other.

Meanwhile, Poe finds himself in a similar situation in the same little township with BB-8. Though, he’s been there a little longer since he drove there directly. After getting to civilization, he called the republic and arranged for a pickup. I suppose the person to pick him up will have to be Han in the Falcon. I imagine in this timeline Poe is still associated with Leia to some degree. He’s possibly her regular republic transport pilot or something. While in this situation it doesn’t exactly fit, it’s probably the best way you can involve Han. Maybe he was in the system at the time while on his galaxy-wide search for his son or something like that.

Anyway, while waiting for his pick-up, Poe probably spots both Rey and Finn bickering. Poe recognizes Finn but is confused about why he’s here after what happened last night. He’ll probably naturally assume that the person he’s talking to is also a First Order flunkie or at the very least an associate. As much as he’d probably want to take both of them out right now, he knows it’d be better to wait for Han to get here to possibly take them into custody. So, he elects to just keep his eye on both of them.

And there’s part 2.


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