Kobe Bryant’s Last Game (Re-Airing) Live Stream: Watch Online

After Kobe Bryant’s tragic death on Sunday, the NBA and fans from around the world have been reflecting on the legend’s life. On Monday ESPN is airing Bryant’s final NBA game when he scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz. The touching move allows fans to remember all Bryant did for the sport and those around him.


The 41-year-old left this Earth too soon. However, NBA fans can continue the mourning process by reliving his final NBA game. It was a thriller when it happened live and tonight’s re-airing brings an extra layer of special with it as well.

As I stated above, if you are away from the TV at home you can still catch your favorite show anywhere. Thus, make sure you have a good connection or else you will be scrambling wondering what happened to your favorite contestant in your favorite show.

A friendly reminder: you need to authenticate your cable provider in order to tune into Monday Night Football away from your television and outside of any cable provider apps. This is not a free stream link below. However, the network provides the link. Thus, it will not give you spam or other bad stuff. It is also a legit stream as well.

Kobe Bryant’s final game will be shown in the entirety on ESPN. Those with a cable provider can use the link below to live stream the show from any of their devices. This legal and legit link will not put malware on your device or send you in circles. The link goes right to ESPN’s streaming service, which is free for those with the channel in their cable package. As a result, some viewers may have to pay a fee to use the stream’s link before if they want to watch the show live.

Here is where you can watch the re-airing of Kobe Bryant’s final game on Monday.

Date: Monday, January 27, 2020

Start Time: 9:00 p.m. (EST)

Episode: Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game

Live Stream TV: ESPN

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