Super Bowl LIV: What’s at Stake With Patrick Mahomes Going Against Jimmy Garoppolo?

Super Bowl 54 features two signal-callers, San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo and Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, who are trying to build their legacy and this big game could give the winner of this matchup a major boost. With that being said let’s breakdown what’s at stake in this QB battle.

Resume builder

If Patrick Mahomes wins on February 2, he puts himself in a position where he could be considered for the Hall of Fame.

He’s torching the opposition and torments opposing fans with his ability to throw the football.


Mahomes has put up monster numbers through his first two years as the full-time starter in Kansas City and by winning the big game, he shifts his legacy into a different gear. Plus, he would be known as the guy who brought the Chiefs out of their Super Bowl-less funk.

For San Fran’s Jimmy Garoppolo would prove to the New England Patriots that he deserved to be the new franchise QB for them, but he also could place himself in consideration to be an elite-level player.

The Niners do not ask Jimmy G to constantly light up the scoreboard week-in and week-out. Nonetheless, he’s done enough to help the Niners escape the low end of the pool and be apart of a strong turnaround in San Fran.

Better contracts

If Garoppolo or Mahomes is able to capture a Super Bowl title this year, that only assists their case that they deserve more money.

Jimmy G is under contract for the next three years and the guaranteed money is about $74 million. However, he could ask for more in the future whether it’s with San Fran or someone else.

The Niners could part from Garoppolo this offseason if they felt a better QB was out there.

Mahomes is getting paid south of $3 million in 2020 and is scheduled to be a free agent in 2022.

With Mahomes, it’s a no brainer that K.C. should hold onto him as much as possible, but if John Lynch and the Niners get a championship with Jimmy G they might figure they could get creative and get someone younger/better who they can build around.

Coaches best friend

Obviously, it’s nice to keep a strong relationship with your head coach. However, Niners’ coach Kyle Shanahan and Chiefs’ coach Andy Reid are in need of redemption and will need help from their QBs.

Reid hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since 2005, where Philadelphia fell to the Pats. Football fans will always remember Shanahan’s last big game appearance as one that he and the Falcons blew to the Pats, after being up 28-3.

Not only is it important for these coaches to shake off hard-to-swallow Super Bowls, but they’ll need their respective signal-callers to rise to the occasion and help ease the tension.

Not only would a Super Bowl win give Shanahan a boost in his respectability, but Reid would be an absolute lock for Canton.

Mahomes and Jimmy G have the power to not only assist the legacies of themselves but their head coaches, too.

What do you think stands out about the Jimmy Garoppolo-Patrick Mahomes duel? Leave a comment below.

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