Star Wars: Fixing The Modern Trilogy – Part 1

I’m not much a movie buff, but it doesn’t take a scientist to see that Hollywood movies have taken a steep dip in quality over these recent years. Going out to see a movie in theaters isn’t an event I participate in often. If there are movies I truly feel like I wasted money on though, it would have to be this modern Star Wars trilogy.

Where do we even begin with this train wreck of a trilogy? You can go on and on about all of the horrible decisions and bad directions these films have. Talk about the incredibly incompetent management at Lucas Films and Disney for even letting these turds hit the silver screen. You could even explain the tension between Star Wars fans and director Rian Johnson for Ep. 8.

I’m not going to do any of that though. Instead, I’ll just suggest a way in which you COULD salvage these films from a narrative standpoint, similar to my last piece on this subject. This doesn’t mean this trilogy SHOULD be fixed. It honestly should be completely scrapped, scrubbed from our brains, and re-made from the ground up again. But there is a lot of wasted potential in them. More potential than your average unfulfilled film. You just have to dig unreasonably deep for it.

To make things more manageable, this will be split up into a multi-part project. So, here’s part 1.

The First Order is little more than a militia force at this point, lead largely by Captain Phasma. As such, in this timeline, she is effectively replacing Hux. The reason is so Finn can have a competent nemesis character to contend with. While Kylo and Hux do butt heads with each other, (Until Rian ruined Hux in Ep. 8) he won’t need him in this timeline. Rey will be more than enough. Plus, Phasma can certainly play off of Kylo in other ways.

Kylo appearing on Jakku is his first known public appearance. Lor San is just some random former rebel. The First Order keyed in on him due to the fact he lives in a heavily isolated area as a village leader. This is in hopes of gaining greater connections of finding Luke’s whereabouts without causing too much of a stir to the Republic at large. The exchange between him and Kylo is tense. Though, ultimately, Lor San is of little help to Kylo and the Order after a good mind-tricking.

The First Order looks to stay as a covert organization, so to make sure no one in this isolated desert village can expose them, they’re slaughtered. Lor San is the first to die. Kylo gives the order to Phasma as he walks away. In this timeline, killing a defenseless old geezer he has no relation to is beneath Kylo. A blaster shot drops the old man, and First Order flunkies begin to lay waste to the village.

Finn is subject to a very young and imperfect brainwashing program in the First Order. The Order indoctrinated him as one of the very first to comprise their troops. This is the first time he, as well as the Order itself, has participated in a mass-murdering. Or at least one of this size. As such, he defects during the chaos, the magnitude of what he’s participating in getting to him. Poe is there as a spectator inside Lor San’s hut. Lor San is Poe’s father in this timeline, (Making him Lor San Dameron, I suppose?) and he was there visiting him. Witnessing the murdering of his father at the Order’s hands, Poe grabs a weapon to head outside the hut and confront them. Poe’s mother stops him just before blaster shots ring out through the village.

Taking another peek outside, Poe can spot First Order flunkies laying waste to the village. In this timeline, First Order flunkies aren’t decked out in stormtrooper armor. (Not that that would make much of a difference in functionality.) They have something akin to OT rebel helmets that don’t cover their faces, but they still wear cloth that covers their mouths. Think Zam Wesell from Episode 2. I suppose Phasma can still have her chrome armor, just because she’d probably get some form of special treatment being the acting figurehead of the Order.

Anyway, Poe spots Finn removing the cloth from his face while defecting as both he and Finn make their escape from the village in adjacent directions. Poe is unable to save his mother before he and BB-8 drive off in a speeder. The Order blew up his X-Wing in the ensuing chaos. Not that he could even get to it from where he parked it anyway. Finn sneaks off on foot.

And that’s part 1 of fixing Star Wars.


How would you fix this Star Wars trilogy? Leave your comments below!

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