Washington Capitals: Three Teams that Could Challenge Them

So as we are at the midway point of the NHL season. We have teams that are where they are supposed to be and others that are trying to find a way to get on track. One of the top teams or should I say the top team is the Washington Capitals. They were the Stanley Cup Champions just three years ago in the 2017-18 season. So far this year they have played 49 games and have a record 0f 33-11-5. That translates into 71 points. The Capitals also have a plus 33 in goal differential there are only three teams that are better than them in that category. Those teams are the Tampa Bay Lightning who leads the NHL, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Boston Bruins. Now the question that was presented to me is there are any teams out there that could knock the Capitals off the top.


Here are the teams that could challenge the Washington Capitals:

Carolina Hurricanes

The Hurricanes got the nickname “Bunch of Jerks” last year. Well, those jerks got to the Eastern Conference finals last year to fall victim to the Boston Bruins. The Hurricanes are only 10 points behind the Capitals with a lot of hockey left. If the playoffs began today they would be in as the first wild card team. They can score goals and keep the puck out of the net. See because the Capitals score a lot of goals the team the can slow them down can beat them. The Hurricanes can score goals as they have a plus 27 in the goal differential category. Look for the Hurricanes to be the dark horse not only and knocking the Capitals off the top but in the entire league.

Boston Bruins

At the current moment, the team that is right on the Capitals heels is the Bruins. They only are one point behind them at 70 points. The Bruins also are ahead of the Washington Capitals in the goal differential. To me, despite their age, this team continues to win when they have to. Of course, we know they fell to the St. Louis Blues last year in the Stanley Cup Finals. They have also been a thorn in the Capitals side. The Capitals have Alex Ovechkin well the same goes with the Bruins with David Pastrnak. Pastrnak leads the team with 70 points. He has 37 goals and 33 assists. When it comes to crunch time are the guys you can lean on. Let’s see if these two meet in the postseason.

New York Islanders

The Islanders are one of the best defensive teams in the NHL. They currently have 63 points. Now this team is not high when it comes to goal differential. The Islanders are only a plus 11. What they do is clog up the neutral zone. I have seen this team in person. They have the tools to slow down the Capitals when it comes to scoring. The Islanders can win close games. They were also a playoff team last year that got buzz sawed by the Carolina Hurricanes. This is a team the Capitals should worry about. Like the Hurricanes they are a divisional opponent. Let’s see if anyone within the division can knock the Capitals on the top of the mountain.


Which one of these teams could be the team to challenge the Washington Capitals? Leave a comment below.

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