Three Childhood Movies That Should Be Remade

It is very hard to capitalize on remakes. Do you do a continuation of what was already done? Or do you take a separate story in the same universe? It all comes down to execution. Netflix’s Carmen San Diego was a reboot that fell flat. It had a good voice actress, Gina Rodriguez, but the animation and how Carmen’s character was used didn’t go over well. Then there’s the Dark Crystal reboot which is good solely because they kept the puppet animatronics that the reboot had. Everything else barely had to fall in place for it to be a success. 

Then there are movies that shouldn’t be redone and are timeless. Movies like Sandlot and Matilda don’t need a retelling of what their movies bring. A sequel movie of what is going on with Matilda in her older years wouldn’t be a bad idea. She was wise beyond her years in the movie, but it’s not something that should be done. The recent animated Adams Family animated film was a great taste, awful execution. It had two great leads in Charlize Theron and Oscar Issac. Actors that work really well for live-action, but no one thinks it’s a good idea to have that kind of animation for what was already a good movie.



Drop Dead Fred

The imaginary friend trope is always entertaining for me. We haven’t seen too much over the years, only Moone Boy and Wilfred come to mind. It is very inexpensive to make the original premise made a good “coming of age” story. It would be good to cast Selena Gomez as the female lead and Manny Jacinto as the imaginary friend of the movie. 

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 

The reboot wouldn’t have the same title but having a different story in Toonsville would be worth making. The live-action mixed with animation was interesting for its time. Detective Pikachu made it work and depending on how Space Jam 2 does, I am willing to bet there will be a movie like this to come as well.

Sky High

This may be tricky to remake. The superhero genre is popular but if it’s not Marvel or DC, then it’s hit or miss, mostly miss. If you have seen Amazon’s The Boys this remake could very well ride the coattails of it and be the light-hearted version of it. The original wasn’t bad just not very memorable but mostly ahead of its time, all the hero movies made at the time were horrible that people wrote this one-off and assumed it was bad and wasn’t given proper coverage.

Honorable mention:

Team America. This wasn’t exactly a childhood movie, but more adolescents saw this movie than adults did. The political climate has changed enough for another movie of this sort to come out. Give it a Team Canada or involve other countries in the remake. 

What childhood movies need a remake? Is there a Disney movie that should be remade that’s not in the works? Leave a comment.

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