Tennessee Titans: These Studs Helped Beat the Baltimore Ravens

The ball is not over for this year’s NFL Cinderella known as the Tennessee Titans. After another bruising performance, they will now play in the AFC Championship Game. The Titans continue to use an old school mentality against their opponents. Why is it so successful? The Titans believe and the stars to make it work. Let us look at three stars from the upset win over the Baltimore Ravens.


Derrick Henry

Again, Derrick Henry was a workhorse for the Tennessee Titans. He ran the ball 30 times for a grand total of 190 yards. He also completed a jump pass for a TD. The use of Henry by Arthur Smith and the Titans offense is no secret. They will run him, run him, and run him. Even if he stopped for no gain after no gain. Just knowing that he is a threat in the backfield keeps the defenses off balance. It also makes them play honest and not overload the box.

Ryan Tannehill

Even though Tannehill has yet to throw for 100 or more yards in the playoffs, his presence in this offense has been key. Tannehill has limited his turnovers. His completion percentage is 52% in the first two games. He only has one interception. That came last week against the New England Patriots. There may be a point in a game in which the Tennessee Titans may need the services of Tannehill. If that point comes, I believe that the way he has played, they would be confident in calling his number.

Dean Pees

Pees is the defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans. His masterful game plan against the great Lamar Jackson was a strong reason why this team is playing in the AFC Championship Game. He wanted to make Jackson beat the Titans with his arm. Although Jackson still ran for 100 plus yards, his runs were not as effective as in previous games.

The weakness of Lamar Jackson is by far his accuracy. Pees was a masterful architect in making him use it. Jackson throwing the ball 60 times is not a winning formula for the Ravens in any game. Even against a pass defense that was 24th in the league.

The Tennessee Titans are not ready for the ball to be over. The carriage is not yet a pumpkin. A win next week may just be the glass slipper that allows Cinderella to marry her prince.

Did you get a chance to see the Tennessee Titans upset the Baltimore Ravens? Do you like their chances next week? Leave a comment below.

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