The Philadelphia 76ers Take Down the Boston Celtics

This would be the first game that the Philadelphia 76ers would be without Joel Embiid because he would need surgery on his hand. Embiid will be reevaluated in a couple of weeks. Philadelphia was trailing in the first half. The 76ers found their legs in the second half by outscoring the Boston Celtics 61-43 and Philadelphia won the game over Boston by a score of 109-98.

Josh Richardson led the way for the Philadelphia 76ers with 29 points. He shot 56.2 percent from the field. Richardson also grabbed three rebounds and recorded seven assists. He injured his knee in the fourth quarter thanks to a dirt low hit by Marcus Smart, but Josh Richardson would be okay thankfully.


Ben Simmons took charge of this team also once again. He scored 19 points. Simmons shot 60 percent from the field. He also grabbed nine rebounds, recorded three assists, and recorded one steal. Ben Simmons always steps up his game when Joel Embiid is absent and that is why he is one of the leaders on this team.

Al Horford scored 17 points. He shot 63.6 percent from the field. Horford also grabbed eight rebounds, recorded six assists, blocked two shots, and recorded one steal. Al Horford will be relied upon more often as well with Joel Embiid out of the lineup.

Tobias Harris scored 16 points for Philadelphia. He shot 41.2 percent from the field. Harris also grabbed seven rebounds, recorded three assists, and recorded two steals.

Their bench scored 21 points. Furkan Korkmaz scored nine points. He shot 50 percent from the field. Korkmaz also grabbed three rebounds.

James Ennis III and Norvel Pelle each scored six points. Pelle made all three shots and Ennis III shot 40 percent from the field.

Ennis III grabbed two rebounds, blocked one shot, and recorded two steals.

Pelle grabbed four rebounds.

Kemba Walker was once again the leading scorer for the Boston Celtics with 26 points. He shot 50 percent from the field. Walker grabbed two rebounds, recorded three assists, and recorded one steal.

Jayson Tatum scored 15 points for Boston. He shot 30.8 percent from the field. Tatum also grabbed 10 rebounds, recorded four assists, blocked one shot, and recorded three steals in this game.

Gordon Hayward only scored eight points in this game for the Celtics. He shot 36.4 percent from the field. Hayward also grabbed two rebounds and recorded two assists.

Their bench scored 32 points. Marcus Smart scored 24 of them. He shot 64.3 percent from the field. Smart also grabbed one rebound, recorded one assist, and recorded three steals.

Enes Kanter scored eight points off the bench. He shot 57.1 percent from the field. Kanter also grabbed 11 rebounds and recorded two assists.

The Boston Celtics’ biggest lead in this game was 15 points.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ biggest lead in this game was 11 points.

For the first time since 2013-2014, Philadelphia has won the regular-season series against Boston. The 76ers have already beaten them three times already this season.

The Celtics have lost their last three games.


The Miami Heat (27-10), the Boston Celtics, the Toronto Raptors (25-13), the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Indiana Pacers (23-15) are only separated by 4.5 games in the Eastern Conference Standings for the 2-6 spots.

The Milwaukee Bucks (33-6) lead the Miami Heat by five games for the first spot in the Eastern Conference.

Boston and Philadelphia will play each other one more time this season.

The Celtics (25-11) next game will be against the New Orleans Pelicans (13-25) at home on Saturday night.

The 76ers (25-14) next game will be against the Dallas Mavericks (23-14) on the road on Saturday night.

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