New York Giants: Joe Judge is the Right Man

A winning culture has been missing from the New York Giants for the past three seasons. New York has gone a combined 12-36 in that span. Because of this, New York fired Pat Shurmur as head coach after Week 17. He went 9-23 in two seasons. Thus, after the Giants missed out on Matt Rhule, New York decided to hire New England Patriots Special Teams Coordinator Joe Judge as the next head coach for this football team on Tuesday morning.

At first, I thought this was a panic move by New York until we saw some personality at his press conference on Thursday as to why the New York Giants were blown away by him in his interview.

A lot of fans from the New York area were impressed with the way that Judge represented himself during his first press conference. They felt like this is going to be a lot better than the Pat Shurmur and Ben McAdoo era combined. The Giants feel like they have found their next Tom Coughlin.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Joe Judge worked with Bill Belichick and also Nick Saban at the University of Alabama. He has won five total championships as an assistant coach. Joe Judge won three Super Bowls with New England and two National Championships with Alabama.

One of the things that have been missing from this team as of late is team discipline. Joe Judge said, “Discipline on your team is very important to me.”

General Manager Dave Gettleman loves to have an old schooled mentality. Joe Judge wants to be the same way as well. He said, “What I’m about is an old-school, physical mentality. We’re going to put a product on the field that the region will be proud of.”

This is a franchise that has not produced a very good product on the field lately. Dave Gettleman is going to have to get Joe Judge the right players in order to succeed.

However, Judge knows that each player on the roster can do something well. So he is going to play to their strengths just like what Bill Belichick does in New England.

Joe Judge is only the second Special Teams Coach to recently get hired for a head coaching job. The last one to get hired was John Harbaugh with the Baltimore Ravens and look at how that is currently playing out.

Judge was also a wide receivers coach this season and a lot of people were skeptical about that.

Harbaugh was also a defensive backs coach in his final season as an assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles under Andy Reid before being hired by the Baltimore Ravens.

Special Teams Coordinators should get more looks as head coaches but they often have to worry about more players on the roster than people who are either offensive coordinators or defensive coordinators.

Had Joe Judge not been with the New York Giants, he probably would have gone back to his alma mater Mississippi State to be their next head coach.

Another key thing that Judge has an eye on is scouting. How often will he invest in the current players on the roster and potentially the future players on the roster?

Joe Judge knows the importance of changing the culture in New York City.

“I want this to reflect this area,” he said. “That’s blue-collar. That’s hard work.”

It is going to be very interesting to see how this football team is built moving forward.

Bill Belichick also put in a good word for Joe Judge and it is potentially another reason why he got the job. The court is now in session with the New York Giants with Judge at the helm.

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