Entertainment: 5 Movies To Watch in 2020

2019 was a good year for movies, especially if you are a fan of Disney. They produced the highest-grossing movie of all-time along with six others being on the list for the year. Box Office numbers do not always translate to quality though. The Lighthouse and Parasite were both movies that are critically acclaimed, yet we’re not on anyone’s list to look for before releasing. Do not be surprised if none of these movies is the best movie of the year. The movies to watch for in 2020 have many familiar properties, so keep an eye on the site for movies that are hidden gems.


The Eternals (November 6th) (no trailer)

This is the first Marvel movie that is indirectly tied to the other Marvel movies. I am curious about this movie because it is a very cosmic movie. Cosmic being a major criticism of the Captain Marvel movie and not well-ground like the other Marvel movies, which is mostly why people like them.

Mulan (March 27th)

Mulan is usually the top five for people on their list of Disney. Judging by the trailer, it seems to have taken a serious tone for a Disney film. Which I like because the live-action remakes have been mostly beat for beat the same as the animated version.

Top Gun Maverick (June 26th)

I didn’t really care for the original Top Gun. However, the original had a “who’s who” in it as far as actors who were starting out then and are big today (Tom Cruise, Michael Ironside, Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, and Anthony Edwards). You can say the same about the reboot, which stars Manny Jacinto (The Good Place) Jay Ellis (Insecure) and Lewis Pullman (Catch-22).

Tenet (July 17th)

This will be Nolan’s fourteenth film. It seems this film will be more of Nolan’s imaginary side rather than his previous work (Dunkirk). The plot is not clear but shows enough that this will be a good film. I am glad to see rising stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in a big blockbuster, well deserved.

Dune (December 18th) (no trailer available)

The original Dune that came out in 1984 was not particularly good but has a cult following. Now would be a good time for it to come out, as the plot of the film is very ambitious to execute on film. Along with the decade’s “best” filmmaker Vilenueve, come A-list actors in this film; Javier Bardem, Oscar Issac, Zendaya, and Dave Bautista. Blade Runner 2049 had the best cinematography in the past couple of years. Since the Novel Dune is also science fiction, I expect Dune to be just as good looking on the screen.

What movies are you looking forward to the most? Let us know.

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