Denver Broncos: Signing Tom Brady Would Be John Elway’s Biggest Failure

The quarterback position for the Denver Broncos has been one in question since the retirement of Peyton Manning. However, John Elway and many others around the Broncos organization believe that Drew Lock may be the person to control the future. Nonetheless, there are some other rumors floating around. One especially dealing with a man by the name of Tom Brady. You see, Brady is a free agent by choice at the end of the 2019 season. Thus, there is now speculation that Denver could be a landing spot. I say this; John Elway and the Denver Broncos would be making a huge mistake signing Brady.


Given the recent success with Peyton Manning in a Denver Broncos uniform, one would say that Brady makes sense. He is a veteran at the end of his career. Similar to that of Manning. He is used to the cold weather. In addition, maybe the Broncos feel that the presence of Brady may help develop a young Drew Lock. While the first two are solids and the third is a truth, it is the least of the truths.

Signing Brady would hinder the development of Drew Lock. Here is a young man who went 4-1 in his first five games for the Denver Broncos. He threw for 7 TDs against only 3 INTs. He completed 64% of his passes in his short display of promise. Therefore, bringing a Tom Brady, I feel, would hinder the development of this young man.

Yes, I know that Tom Brady has all the tools. After all, he is a Six-Time Super Bowl Champion, Four-Time Super Bowl MVP, a Three-Time League MVP, and a Three-Time First-Team All-Pro. Brady has a career TD-INT ratio of 541-179. He has thrown for 74,571. Finally, Tommy Boy has a career passer rating of 97. There is no doubt he is going to make whatever team he goes to better instantly.

Nonetheless, I feel that Mr. Elway and the Broncos organization would be missing something if they chose to bring on another vet at the end of their career. I know that there have been misses in the past. Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, and Joe Flacco are the most recent failures. However, this in its own right would just add to that list of Elway failures.

Drew Lock is the essential QB of the future for the Denver Broncos. He has all the intangibles. He rallied his team when they were down. Moreover, given the circumstances at the end of the season, had the Denver Broncos in contention for a playoff spot later than many thought.

This is the kid you want to build around. Give him the knowledge and confidence that he will be the one to guide this team. Do not knock him down a peg by signing a career-ending veteran. Given all of the failures of the past along with the bright future with Drew Lock – John Elway I beg of you, please do not even consider signing Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

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