How Ready are The New Orleans Saints Marching Into the Playoffs?

Drinks flowing, smiles rampant, and music blurring! Musicians line the streets with their horns and trumpets amongst the sea of people. “When The Saints Go Marching In”, plays at a deafening yet joyful tone.  Can you picture the excitement and anticipation of the game? Walking on Bourbon St in New Orleans, LA completely engulfed by the scores of people.  This weekend the New Orleans Saints will march into the 2020 NFL playoffs battle-tested as they take on the Minnesota Vikings at their Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday at 1 pm EST.

During the 2019 NFL regular season, the Saints have masterfully defeated the dreadful injury bug, uninspired performances, and referees’ poor officiating.

Their unquestionable leader and unequivocal future 1st ballot Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees injured his right thumb in a loss against the Los Angeles Rams just two weeks into the season. Immediately the Saints season and playoff aspirations were in jeopardy.

Offensive mastermind head coach Sean Payton designs exotic pass-orientated offensive plays that rely heavily on strong quarterback play, most notably Brees. Payton and Brees are one of the most renowned head coach and quarterback tandems in NFL football history. However abruptly in week 3 with Brees expected to miss the next 6 weeks, Payton and the rest of the Saints would have to place their trust and future in the hands of back up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater’s brilliant play at quarterback along with a stout defensive stance propelled the Saints to a 5-0 record during Brees’ entire absence. This, without question, represents a splashy and noticeable accomplishment. Especially considering their entire franchise for the last 14 years rested comfortably on Brees’ shoulders.

Furthering his legacy and going into battle with a group of men he loves is the sole purpose of why Brees suits up. What else does Brees have to play for?? Has Brees thrown the most touchdowns(547) in NFL history? Yes! Has Brees passed for more yards(77,416) then both New England Patriots’ Tom Brady (74,571) and Indianapolis Colts/Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning (71,940)? Absolutely!

With those unimaginable rarified air statistics, how will head coach Sean Payton motivate Brees at this stage and age? He simply walks in the locker room and asks Brees two questions.

The first question to Brees: “Drew just curious if you have seen the recent NFL Top 100 players of All-Time List?”

The second question to Brees: “Drew I seen Manning, Brady, Brett Farve, John Elway, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, etc. Correct me if I am incorrect, but I did not see yours, did you?”

All insiders within the close-knit NFL professional football community knows one man can not save a show. In order for the New Orleans Saints to capture their 2nd Super Bowl win since a decade ago(2010), Saints’ unanimous Associated Press NFL All-Pro Team selection wide receiver Michael Thomas, will have to continue his dominance in spite of receiving double coverage from opposing defenses.

Especially against a stubborn physical group like Minnesota Vikings. Additionally, highly anticipated 5’10 215lb star running back Alvin Kamara, will have to re-introduce and deliver several bonafide big boy performances, in order for fans to dismiss his unforgettably poor start to the 2019 season.

Offense wins games and defenses win championships. I still prescribe to that ideology. Thus key defensive stops by the Saints may determine whether the show continues or the proverbial “unhealthy lady” sings.

All in all, I anticipate an eventful and worthwhile performance from both teams. Only the great teams advance to play this time of year. However, as the celebratory jazz tune by Louis Armstrong beautifully goes “When The Saints Go Marching In”.

How far do you see the New Orleans Saints going in the NFL Playoffs? Leave a comment below.

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