Buffalo Bills: Three Keys To Victory Over the Houston Texans

Wildcard weekend has arrived for this NFL season. This matchup takes the Buffalo Bills to meet the AFC South Champion Houston Texas for a showdown in the lone star state. This weekend will prove the biggest test for this Buffalo squad of the season not named “New England”, here are the three keys that could ensure a Bills victory in Houston.

Establish the Run

According to Pro Football Reference, the Texans defense has allowed an average of 4.8 yards per carry this season. If Buffalo can get the run going early with Frank Gore and Devin Singletary. It could allow Buffalo to keep the clock going as well as set up play-action for stuff downfield. It also demoralizes a defense when an offense can exert their will rushing the football. This may be a tough task for the Bills with an aging Frank Gore as the lead back, but something happens in the playoffs it seems. More often than not players seem to find the fountain of youth when the stakes are higher. It will be interesting to see if that comes into play at all this weekend. 

Keep Watson Off The Field

The one thing about Houston is, they can put up a lot of yards. It is especially important in this game because according to NFL.com, with quarterbacks that have at least 400 PA, Deshaun Watson has the second-highest completion percentage behind Derek Carr of the Raiders. If he gets into a rhythm, it could spell a long day for the Buffalo Bills defense.

Don’t Be Dumb

This one kind of goes without saying but it’s an especially important one. Time and time again some of the biggest plays that happen in the playoffs are the result of complete and total brainfarts. The Bills have to realize that, yes Watson is a really good QB, but, this also may be one of the biggest games of his career and he will have butterflies. The more pressure the better. The dumb thing to do would be to ensure he has all day to throw into lax zone coverages that can be easily read and manipulated. If Buffalo can keep the number of mental mistakes minimal, they should walk away with the W. 

Obviously, these are just keys for the Buffalo Bills. This team is a bit of an interesting story because no one expected them to win 11 games this season. Especially with a second-year quarterback in Josh Allen. Looking at the path to get here, they played the AFC East twice, which is a cakewalk outside of the Patriots (who they almost beat twice). They also had games against the abysmal NFC East and the top-heavy AFC North. Their biggest test until this point came against Baltimore who beat them in a close game.

The Bills enter Houston with something to prove, especially because as of this point their resume is not all that impressive. Similar to Clemson in college football. Will this Buffalo Bills team rise to the challenge? Or will they collectively stampede into hiding and away from the history books. We will all find out January 4, 2020, what they are truly made of.

Do you feel that the Buffalo Bills can move on in the AFC Wild Card Game? Leave a comment below.

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