New England Patriots: Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Houston Texans

The New England Patriots lost their second game Sunday night. The Houston Texans were able to make the plays when they needed to. The Texans were able to hold off the Patriots in the fourth quarter and win 28-22. The main reason for the loss is simple the Patriots offense. For the first three quarters, Tom Brady came to the sidelines frustrated. I saw multiple times where he wanted to throw his helmet. He has been upset with receivers not getting open.

Now the Patriots fall out of the top spot in the AFC. The Baltimore Ravens now own the spot. The Patriots need to also watch the Buffalo Bills who are only one game behind them in the division. The Texans figured out how to beat the zone defense the Patriots were playing. If you beat their defense the offense can’t keep up.


Good: Deshaun Watson

This young man has himself a game Sunday night. He made all the right decisions on Sunday. Watson didn’t make any mistakes. The Texans did what only the Ravens had done previously. They beat the defense and kept Tom Brady and the struggling offense off the scoreboard until the fourth quarter. Watson went 18 for 25, 234 yards and three touchdowns. He had been sacked a lot in previous games. Many thought the Patriots would do the same and they did to a certain extent. He was able to beat the zone defense the New England Patriots were playing. All he did was take what the defense gave him. Watson hit short passes and he helps set up the run game. He showed how to beat the Patriots. He and the Texans ended the Patriots five-game winning streak against them.

Bad: Patriots Defense

Now let’s look at the stats. The Houston Texans only had 276 yards of total offense. In the end, that didn’t matter because they had the most points. They were unable to make the stops when they need too. The Texans only ran 52 plays but made them count. Where the Texans beat them is through the air. 224 of their 276 yards came from the pass. Like I said above Watson picked his spots and took what the Pats defense gave him. The Texans scored a touchdown in every quarter. Hopefully, they could get back to dominating as they have been. Maybe the Texans exposed them let’s see how it goes against the Kansas City Chiefs this week.

Ugly: Patriots Offense

Once again, another frustrating game on offense. After many drives, Brady came to the sidelines and was yelling at his receivers. On the broadcast, Chris Collinsworth said that his receivers weren’t getting open. Brady has little to no weapons outside of Julian Edelman. So, the question is what is going to happen moving forward. The most productive quarter was the fourth quarter. They scored 13 points. It was too little too late. They have the Kansas City Chiefs this week. The Chiefs can score points so let see if the Patriots can as well.

What are your thoughts on this game between the New England Patriots and Houston Texans? Leave a comment below.

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