South Florida Bulls: Good, Bad, and Ugly vs UCF Knights

Well like most predicted the South Florida Bulls would be blown out by UCF Knights. The prediction came true as the Knights beat the Bulls 34-7. The Knights did what they did all season move the ball at will. UCF came out and got an early touchdown. Many say their weakness is defense, but they were able to stop the Bulls. USF didn’t score until the second half. The Bulls shot themselves in the foot with penalties. Especially the false starts. South Florida is way behind the Knights. The last three years it has shown. It’s bad that rival games are blown outs. It was not a good season for USF. The program is going the wrong way. Now they ended their season 4-8. Let’s hope it gets better.


Good: UCF Offense

The Knights came out and punch the South Florida Bulls right in the mouth. As they do, they move the ball fast and often. They scored a touchdown on their opening drive. They electrify the bounce house which was always that way. In the end, they scored 34 points. They also put up 539 total yards. Most of those yards came on the ground the Knights had 232 yards on the ground. That has been a hard spot for the Bulls to stop. The Knights were 10 for 18 on third down. This means they were on the field often which led to points. What’s funny is the time of possession was 27:21. That just shows how fast they move the ball. It was hard for the Bulls to stop them. USF defense has been causing turnovers all season and had none in this game.

Bad: Bulls Offense

Earlier in the week, Kerwin Bell said that they had a plan to take the Knights down. Well, we are left wondering what happened. The South Florida Bulls only scored seven points. Jordan McCloud went 9 for 21 for 116 yards and two interceptions. He threw for no touchdowns. The one Bulls touchdown came from Johnny Ford. Ford returned from suspension for violating team rules. USF had only 25o yards of total offense. The went 4 for 14 on third down. So, unlike the Knights, they were off the field often. Now does this mean the players do not hear for Bell offense to run correctly? This offense struggled all year. I don’t think it made a difference even if Blake Barnett had not gotten hurt. All the fans have said the same all year. Now, will it get better next season? The spring game looks so promising.

Ugly: South Florida Bulls season

The finale showed how far this program has gone down. The last four games showed the Bulls have a long way to go. Most of the fan blogs say that we are way behind the UCF Knights. That doesn’t sit well with them and leaves a sour taste in their mouths. That because it’s their rival. To go on the road and only score seven points and lose the final four it’s hard for the seniors. Let us see if Charlie Strong is done as head coach.

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