South Florida Bulls: A Second and Enjoyable Year as Press Writer

So, I finished my second year as a press credential writer. It was a wonderful experience. I can say that I was much more comfortable this year. It such a cool experience being able to go on the field. It was also cool to see the young players for South Florida Bulls grow. The program didn’t have the best of years. In fact, in my first year, they went 4-1. When I attended this year, they were 1-4.

My year started at the USF spring game. I got to stand on the sidelines for the entire game. The way the game went I saw what should have been a promising year. I was very close to offensive coordinator Kerwin Bell and t seemed the Bulls had the players to run his offense. This was one of the problems this year. Now the questions are is Strong and Bell is gone.

See I have also started my second podcast called Tampa Talk. On this podcast, I talk about Tampa Bay sports and I talk about the South Florida Bulls. The questions I get from USF fans; what is your opinion on Bell and Strong? My answer to the question is when it comes to Charlie Strong, they have little options. The USF Bulls are taking donations to try and get an indoor football complex built. The money for that would have to go to buying Strong contract out. The Bulls have very little leeway. As far as Bell goes, he might get the door. The Bulls do not have the right players to run his style of offense. Or there will be an adjustment as far as recruiting goes going into next year. This will all come down to Michael Kelly’s decisions. Let see what he decides on.

I had this opportunity because of IroniqMedia. It came with a nice seat in the press box. I see some of the top sportswriters in the Tampa Bay area. I got the pleasure of sitting next to two talented photographers. They shoot the South Florida Bulls and much more. They, of course, go down for all the games to get the photos we see in newspapers and on websites. Like I said they only had one win in the five games I attended. The hard part about watching a team that your covering lose is like losing something you love. What I referring to is when you’re at home and your team is watching you can change the channel. When you at the game and someone has given you a terrific opportunity in which you can’t leave you to have to stay and watch.

I am hoping that I get a third year and the South Florida Bulls have a better season in 2020. They have a long way to go and I hope I am along for the ride. I feel the program will find a way to get back to winning. I want to thank IroniqMedia and the University of South Florida for the opportunity and hope that I attain credits for the 2020 season.

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