New England Patriots: Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Dallas Cowboys

Well, in the end, good teams find ways to win. This is what happened Sunday for the New England Patriots. At home in nasty weather, they defeated the Dallas Cowboys. The final score showed what it is like playing in a bad weather game. The final score was 13-9. Both defenses played good and kept their opposing offenses mostly off the board. I mean look there was only one touchdown scored in the game and it belongs to the Patriots.

Now the Cowboys came into this game with the number one rated offense in the league only could put up three field goals. This game was just like the last one the New England Patriots were in against the Philadelphia Eagles just a week ago. The question that continues with the Patriots is what’s wrong with the offense? They are now getting everyone back healthy in time for a run.


Good: Patriots Defense

Let’s look at how good this defense was yesterday. They were up against the number one rated offense in the league. The Dallas Cowboys had 321 yards of total offense. They also held the ball longer. The Cowboys had it for 30:21. Normally the team that dominates time of possession wins the game. The New England Patriots defense held the Cowboys to just nine points. They also had one interception which was huge because it turned into three points. The funny thing is they were able to hold the Cowboys to 2-13 on third down conversations. Which means they were giving the struggling offense chances. Defenses like this one have gone on to win Super Bowls and maybe this one will as well. This defense will be tested for the next two weeks as they play the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. Two very good offensive teams.

Bad: Patriots Offense

Now without the defense coming up big like they have all year, this would have been a loss. Quarterback Tom Brady said before the game that he knows the defense and special teams are the strength of the team. He is hoping, along with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, that with everyone coming back healthy things will change. The New England Patriots offense only had 282 yards. They were helped out by a blocked punt and interception that lead to 10 of their 13 points. The run game was a little bit better yesterday. As of right now, Tom Brady doesn’t have a deep threat to throw to. He is hoping the offense can find a rhythm. It will need to help out the defense and special teams to make another run at the Super Bowl. The best part is there were no turnovers yesterday by the offense.

Ugly: The Weather

It was raining heavy all game long. On top of that, it was cold. This is what Rob Gronkowski said helped the New England Patriots win yesterday. The thing about the rain it takes the passing game away. On top of the rain and cold, the wind was also up. Early in the game, the Dallas Cowboys missed a field goal because of the wind. It caused the Cowboys two fumbles which they were lucky to get back. I think it would have been better had it snowed instead of rained. It took the top-rated offense and made them look not so good. In the end, as I said before, good teams find ways to win no matter what the conditions.

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