Los Angeles Angels: How can the Halos Improve for the 2020 Season?

It’s no secret the Los Angeles Angels need to kick it up a notch in 2020 and fight for a playoff spot.

The Halos could compete for a wild card spot, but winning the AL West will be tough since the Houston Astros are etched as the favorite to win that division.

Here are a few ways the Angels can get better before the 2020 campaign.

Find inexpensive starters

LA can’t fix all of their problems with one or two signings, so they need to spread the money around to several starters.

Cole Hamels, Michael Pineda, Alex Wood, Tanner Roark, Julio Teheran, and Wade Miley are cheaper options compared to the high-end starters like Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg.

The Angels are currently 10th in the MLB in total payroll and it would be wise to try and avoid dipping into the luxury tax more than they have to.

Bringing back Trevor Cahill should be another thought in the minds of the Angels’ front office since he is capable of being in the rotation and the bullpen.

Find hitters who they can flip

With a lot of cash going to Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Justin Upton it would be wise to avoid forking over a ton of money at another two or three hitters.

If LA can get Nick Castellanos on a team-friendly deal that could be more beneficial in the long run.

The Los Angeles Angels don’t have a very good minor league pool, so if they struggle to win games then they could trade Castellanos for a few prospects potentially.

Other hitters available who could help the team next year are Ben Zobrist, Alex Gordon, Ryan Zimmerman, and Brett Gardner. These are veterans who can bring playoff experience and add depth to the outfield. Zimmerman can play first base and DH if need be. Zobrist has played primarily in the middle infield and the corner outfield spots.

Todd Frazier and Jason Kipnis also provide veteran production and playoff experience as well.

Find another face of the future

Obviously the Halos have to dish out money to find a running mate for Trout with Pujols’ career winding down.

If the Angels can get Cole or Strasburg to lead their rotation for years to come that would not only add an elite arm, but it would attract fans to the ballpark more often.

If LA can spread a $250-$300 million contract through 13 years or so that would soften the blow of signing Cole to a large contract. The Phillies did a similar thing with Bryce Harper‘s deal last offseason.

LA can’t continue to waste Trout’s talent. It’s a must for them to be aggressive this offseason.

Another bat that could make sense is Mike Moustakas. The Halos have been known to spend money over the years in some way and the man they call “Moose” deserves a multi-year deal.

How can the Los Angeles Angels improve before next season? Leave a comment below.

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