Disney+ review: Disney Has Entered The War

It’s finally here. The long-anticipated Disney streaming service has arrived. Since Netflix’s’ peek, people have been wondering why they haven’t released a streaming service. Even more so since they had a service exclusive only to Europe. At seven dollars a month, they can undercut other services because their main moneymaker is the theme park. 


It has all the Disney content you can think of. From Beauty And The Beast to Steamboat Willie to Johnny Tsunami. Along with Pixar, Star Wars and a majority of the Marvel movies aside from what is on Netflix right now due to an agreement that runs out spring of next year. 

Disney bought Fox over the past year so it has some content like Avatar and The Simpsons. Disney is a majority owner of Hulu, they will have Fox and not-family friendly content on Hulu.


Disney+ is going to have some originals to get users to stay on the Platform. Like Star Wars Mandalorian which was supposed to be a movie but got scrapped and made into a show. 

I have only seen The World According To Jeff Goldblum, The Mandalorian, and the live-action Lady And The Tramp. The World According To Jeff Goldblum is a National Geographic Show so it has the production of others on the network of Jeff exploring different facets of life. Goldblum is a really charming character. It’s worth watching the show and seeing how he can converse with anyone.

I watched half of the first episode of Encore, it wasn’t really for me but if you’re really into theater production and the arts, I recommend it.

Mandalorian is two episodes in and it feels like a space western which is what the showrunners were aiming for. The main character is a badass while still being a clutz at times making him a likable character. All the material for this show is new and that’s when I believe Star Wars is at its best.

Lady and The Tramp was good. I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Justin Theroux who plays the Tramp and Tessa Thompson playing Lady did a great job voice acting. These Disney live-action remakes need a little bit of a change from the animated. I would have liked it set in modern times. 

Noelle is a feel-good Christmas movie that stars Anna Kendrick but its nothing special. I was disappointed when they put Bill Hader in the trailer but he is in it for a short while and doesn’t contribute anything to the movie really. 

Where does Disney fit with the other services?

This is pretty much Disney’s streaming war to lose. They have a lot of content that will get kids to want to subscribe, I watched some Disney Channel original movies and they hold up to me. They’re using this platform to springboard other projects. The creator of Gargoyles has said that if enough people binge the series, they will bring it back.

The thing Disney+ has going for it is nostalgia. It’s going to be a while before they pump out content as often as HBO or Netflix. HBO Max will be a better service the day it releases but will cost twice as much as Disney+. The services they have already rolled in and how often they put content on the service will make it worth the price.


I signed up with the Disney+ bundle that includes: Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ for thirteen dollars. Which I think is the best route to go. This package has something for everyone. 

I’ve seen too many stories and memes about dropping Netflix for Disney+. This won’t be the case as they each can’t do what the other does. Netflix has shows like The Crown, The Witcher, and Stranger Things shows which wouldn’t be suitable for Disney+. Obviously Disney has a billion-dollar IP that Netflix can’t produce. I would say Disney+ is worth the subscription for Mandalorian right now even if you’re slightly into Star Wars. 

What do you like most about Disney+? Leave a comment below.

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