Tampa bay Buccaneers: Good, Bad and Ugly vs New Orleans Saints

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to the New Orleans Saints yesterday. This is what I call a team loss. Many want to point the finger at quarterback Jameis Winston. Now I am not saying he wasn’t part of the problem. However, Winston once again was a turnover machine. He threw four interceptions and head coach Bruce Arians said none of those was his fault. I was watching the game and I will say that there was only one that you can’t blame him for. The other problem I saw was Bryon Leftwich’s play calling. He looks, at times, as though he is in over his head. Many including myself think that Bruce Arians may need to take it back over. Arians did mention that he didn’t want to be a play-caller. The defense was good but the young secondary showed up again. Now the Buccaneers need to improve the rest of the way.


Good: Saints Offense

The Saints had no problem beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their first meeting. Teddy Bridgewater had four touchdowns. Well in this matchup Drew Brees only had three. The Saints offense had 328 total yards and 34 points. They dominated the time of possession with a total of 36:26. How they were able to do that was easy. The Saints were 7 for 13 on third-down conversions and 1 for 1 on fourth down conversations. When you can keep a team’s offense on the sidelines there is no doubt you can win. In both matchups, the Saints were able to do that. What also helped them is they did not turn over the ball. By not giving a team more chances is also a key to winning. The Saints offense looked good after not looking so good the week before against the Atlanta Falcons.

Bad: Jameis Winston four interceptions

Winston has 13 turnovers in the last five games. Now we all know that the offensive line is part of the problem. In my opinion, there was only one interception that wasn’t his fault. That one was because tight end OJ Howard decided to try and flip the ball behind his back before for making the catch. He seems to be making better decisions but you can’t be a game-winning quarterback in the NFL and turn the ball over as much as he does. It’s fine in your first two years as a quarterback. However, when you’re in your fifth year it is unacceptable. On top of that, Winston is in a contract year. The question is do you sign him to a long term contract, put the franchise tag on him or let him go and start from scratch? That will be up to the brass for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ugly: Leftwich play-calling

This is part of a combination of what is going on with Winston’s struggles. When the game plan is not good or does take on some adjustments than it’s awful. Byron Leftwich at times looks like he is in over his head. For example, yesterday, after a big catch by Mike Evans to get them the first goal, he decides to hand the ball off to Dare Ogunbowale twice instead of bringing in Ronald Jones or Peyton Barber. I am not picking on Ogunbowale but Jones and Barber are better backs in this case. On third down, he calls for a fade that gets picked off. So the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got no points. Maybe it’s time for Arians and Leftwich to share duties on play calling. Nevertheless, with a record of 3-7 would you make a change now or just hope he can use the experience and become a better play-caller?

What are your thoughts on the game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Leave a comment below.

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