New England Patriots: Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Philadelphia Eagles

The rematch of Super Bowl 52 did not live up to the hype of the previous game. This game was a defensive game. Both the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles defenses came to play. The teams only combined for eight points in the second half. Those points belong to the Patriots and the Eagles were unable to put up any. The Eagles only score 10 points for the game they got a pass interference on the first play and turned it to just three points. On the flip side, the Eagles held the Patriots to just three field goals in the first half. Watching this game you start to wonder what happens if the Patriots defense doesn’t come up with turnovers? Wait we have the answer to that it happened against the Baltimore Ravens and the Patriots lost. They were able to sack and forced turnovers against the Eagles.


Good: Patriots Defense

This once again has been the team’s strength all season. Once again they caused three fumbles but got one to go their way. That one turnover was a big reason why they won. They also kept the Eagles offense at a stalemate. The Eagles were just 3 for 13 on third down conversations. Once again keeping a team offense off the field always helps win the game. The Patriots defense had five sacks and forced Carson Wentz to fumble twice. The defense has helped the offense which has struggled as of late. With the sacks for what I saw kept Wentz off balance all game. Quarterbacks are unable to get into a rhythm when they know they are going to get hit. This defense has been outstanding. They will have to continue to be that way if the Patriots are to defend their Super Bowl championship.

Bad: Patriots Offense

The New England Patriots offense feeds off of its defense. What I mean is when the team causes turnovers the offense has been able to turn those into points. After the game yesterday Tom Brady was not happy with the way the offense played. They had some chances in the first half to score some point but only came out with nine. Brady had no touchdown passes the one touchdown pass came from Julian Edelman. He also struggled with completion percentage he was 26 for 47 which is 55 percent. That is unlike him. Now the offensive line has been banged up, the running game hasn’t been the same it was last year, and he has some might say no weapons outside of Edelman. If the defense fails to get turnovers the Patriots are in trouble. Let’s hope the offense can find a rhythm in the next upcoming weeks.

Ugly: Boring Game

Many were hoping for another great game like it was in the Super Bowl. In that game, there were 74 points scored. In this game, it was just 27 points. This, of course, resulted in the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New England Patriots. It was the first Super Bowl title for the Eagles. Yesterday game the defenses woke up and choke the offense out of the game. Both teams will make adjustments in the upcoming weeks and hopefully both make the playoffs.

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