South Florida Bulls: Good, Bad and Ugly vs Cincinnati Bearcats

The South Florida Bulls lost a heartbreaker to the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Bulls lead all game long until the end. USF played a solid game and deserved the win. This is how the season has gone. Some plays didn’t go the Bulls way. In fact, not just in this game but all of them you can point back to plays that could have turn losses into wins. The problem that Bulls committed last night was letting the Bearcats hang around. In the first half, they had a chance to be up 24-0 at the half but only entered it at 10-0. On the Bearcats’ final drive, there was a chance for a pick-six that was dropped. The Bulls also may a huge mistake allowing a long screen pass play that put the Bearcats in position for a game-winning field goal. In which they converted it.


Good: Bearcats game-winning field goal

Cincinnati was off on offense all night long. But when it mattered what got them to their 9-1 record was running the football. The Bearcats converted a 30-yard pass play to set up their game-winning field goal. The drive that leads to it was 11 plays for 60 yards. All night they issue moving the ball as the South Florida Bulls defense held them. But give credit where credit is due the Bearcats did enough defensively. By stopping the Bulls are their last drive and forcing them to punt. The funny thing was on the last drive the first play was for negative yardage. They overcame it on the next play. As seconds ran off the clock they lined up and converted a 37-yard field goal. With the win, they are now the 6-0 in the conference and won the East side of the American Athletic Conference.

Bad: USF Time Management in the first half

The Bulls went into the halftime up 10-0. If you got a chance to listen and watch the game, it could have been 24-0. If the had happened the field goal would have meant nothing. Most of us media members talked at halftime and thought the Bulls needed more. We all felt like the Cincinnati Bearcats could and would come back and win. The South Florida Bulls defense forced the Bearcats to punt 5 times. Had they been able to score some more points this game would have been an upset. This is where the coaching staff and the offense needed to handle better. Now we might see that next year. These are the types of things that have come up all year for the Bulls and cost them a good season.

Ugly: USF four missed field goals

Here is the major mistake the South Florida Bulls made last night. Like I said above if the offense had taken care of business there would have been no game-winning field goal for the Bearcats. The Bulls had three missed in the first half. The lone one the Bulls missed in the second half cost them the game. Had they made it the score would have 20-17 and the Bearcats field goal would have tied the game and forced overtime. But let say they make one of the three they missed in the first half it would have been game over. This was an ugly loss for the Bulls and one that will sting for a while.

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