Pittsburgh Steelers: Give Colin Kaepernick a Shot to Be on the Team

It’s no secret the Pittsburgh Steelers need quarterback help with Mason Rudolph not playing well, so why not go after Colin Kaepernick and give him a shot?

Kap is having workouts this weekend and it makes sense for Pitt to give him an opportunity to lead their team.

First, of all the debate about Pitt not signing Kap because it would take time to learn the playbook is silly.

Rudolph has been with the Steelers for two years now and still looks mediocre.


Give Kaepernick a few plays to remember and then let him improvise.

What do the Steelers have to lose?

The black and gold may not make the playoffs and if they do it’s not like they’ll make a run anyway.

Some could argue to let Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges take the reigns from Rudolph, but with six games left it’s important to see what Kap can do.

Don’t forget Kap led a San Francisco team to the Super Bowl six years ago and understands what it takes to make plays in big moments.

I know Colin Kaepernick is 32-years old — which is hard to believe — but he hasn’t played in three years. Therefore, he should not come with a huge price tag.

Normally, if a young quarterback is ready for the NFL they show something you can hang your hat on right away. Nonetheless, Rudolph hasn’t shown much.

The Oklahoma St. product has shown flashes this season, but he doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor.

It makes sense to keep Hodges when Ben Roethlisberger comes back from injury next year. But, wouldn’t it be nice to exhaust all the possibilities?

Kap is motivated to show why he shouldn’t have been kept out of the league. What better way than to give a spark to a franchise that could use one.

If you’re a team looking for depth at the QB spot, then go after the Nevada product. Let him get comfortable.

If you’re Miami or the New York Jets, don’t you want to have some relevancy in a division with the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots?

Distraction you say?

As far as teams worried about signing Colin Kaepernick because of it being a potential distraction — get over it.

I’m not saying Kap kneeling during the national anthem was a good thing, because it wasn’t. However, it’s been years since he did that and he did something that resonated with a lot of players — he created discussion about inequality.

It’s clear that some people started talking about how owners treat their players after Kap started kneeling.

Kap’s actions also kept him out of the league. Those actions also led to people saying it was wrong for the league to blackball the QB as well.

We as NFL fans also noticed the idiotic position the NFL took during the ‘Kap being back in the league’ discussion.

Kaepernick can bring new energy to any franchise he goes to. Thus, he would be a good challenge for any team in the league.

Should the Pittsburgh Steelers go after Kaepernick? Leave a comment below.

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