New England Patriots: The Greatest Tragedy In Sports History

The New England Patriots are expected to bounce back from their tough loss at the hands of Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens this weekend when they play the Philadelphia Eagles. I figured now is an outstanding time to present the greatest tragedy in sports history.

Without question the two men revealed in this article are respected as the greatest at their respective positions in the history of their sport. Together they are so synonymous with winning the only appropriate “L” to ever be associated with them can only be legacy.

Magically for one the only thing that can stop him is Father Time himself, however for the other considering his age and stage in his career time is not a luxury but a liability.

Ladies and gentlemen without further delay the greatest tragedy in sports history are New England Patriots All-Time Greats football savants Head Coach Bill Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady!

I completely understand on face value the legion of readers finding the idea of Belichick and Brady a tragedy to be an oxymoron or simply idiotic.

Typically, when I think about tragedies that occurred in the world of sports, immediately enchanting basketball phenom Len Bias dying from cardiac arrhythmia induced by a cocaine overdose, just two days after being selected by the Boston Celtics as the 2nd overall pick in the 1986 NBA Draft comes to mind. In short, what cements Belichick and Brady as a tragedy is despite them achieving unprecedented football fortunes, plus the fact these royal men of the gridiron are appropriately positioned this season to compete for another Super Bowl championship. Belichick will not hesitate to sever ties with Brady if it makes sense football-wise. More importantly, Brady does not have the time or desire to start over elsewhere to prove Belichick was mistaken.

Unlike Los Angeles Laker legends Shaq and Kobe, when asked: “who is more responsible for the Patriot’s unparalleled run Belichick or Brady?” I have encountered Patriots fans, NFL players, and media personnel makes a case for both Belichick and Brady.

Understandably so, when you are discussing Belichick and Brady you are discussing two of the best masterminds to ever exist in football. Brady and Belichick have the most Super Bowl appearances in NFL history with nine. Together they won six.

Even though Brady has earned 6 Super Bowl champions, 4 SuperBowl MVP’s, 3 NFL MVP’s, and has been selected to the prestigious Pro Bowl 14 times. It has been well documented Brady and Belichick’s relationship is not warm and fuzzy, but more so primarily a working relationship.

As an adult, my Auntie Brenda would say to me “Jamal there is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts”

Although Brady would never admit publicly, I suspect inwardly Brady has unsettled peace and some disrupted joy surrounding his exalted career he fought for on the gridiron along with his teammates. Yet Belichick refuses to break the coach/player wall in their relationship as beloved New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft graciously extends to Brady.

Accordingly, in that same spirit if Brady’s inner dialogue could say just one thing out loud unapologetically to Belichick it would be “I sacrificed my life for this game just like you”.

Brady has lamented how his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and children would prefer for Brady to spend more time with them. Similarly to the countless sacrifices Brady selflessly makes for the greater good for his families both at home and Gillette Stadium, Gisele and kids always sacrifice one more, given their true wish is for Brady to be home with them. Especially, given if financial reports are even remotely true of Gisele’s wealth if you factor in what Brady makes versus Gisele, Brady is simply contributing tip money. I say that facetiously of course!! At the heart of it all, both Brady and his family are aware of the expensive price each side is sacrificing in the name of love for each other.

More and more chatter surfaces these days regarding this being Brady’s last season with the New England Patriots. Flash to the manner in which Brady and the Patriots structured his contract, Brady’s own personal real estate movement this year, or the growing whispers of Brady’s play on the field no longer resembling his former years. Can you ponder a scenario Brady goes elsewhere long enough to create a legacy post-Belichick with his family’s full support? The harsh reality is that it will end abruptly unless Brady walks away on his terms sooner than later.

In hindsight, during the present moment what appeared to be grotesquely selfish and disruptive, in time demonstrated not just an extraordinary amount of foresight but illustrated Kobe’s level of awareness surrounding the narrative of his own legacy, not just in the present but also for eternity.
Football Einstein and historian Bill Belichick seem wired cerebrally exactly like Kobe.

Belichick is in my humble opinion arguably the greatest character in NFL history. Although they have antithetical personalities, Deion “coach if water covers 2/3 of the earth, I got the rest” Sanders dominance perfectly aligns with Belichick’ which are my top two characters ever in football.

Belichick recently won his 300th win making him second only behind coaching Teflon Don Shula who not only has the most wins recording 347 but also is the only coach in NFL history to ever coach an undefeated NFL team 1972.

No doubt Belichick is in hot pursuit to surpass Shula. The prospect of Brady accompanying Belichick is slim to none. Belichick has an ego too!! Not only does he want to be respected as the real mastermind of the Patriots’ dominance but he also can make the recommendation to begin his new voyage of his legacy without Brady. Belichick tried once, I do believe San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was Belichick’s preference over Brady to usher in the next chapter of Belichick’s legacy to prove to everyone including Brady and Mr. Kraft, that Belichick is “the one”.

Bill Belichick knows all he has to do is win a SuperBowl without Brady and distance will immediately be created from the Brady-Belichick narrative. Belichick’s response to Brady’s desire of getting closer to Belichick while still active could be delivered in the form of a song by the legendary music duos UGK featuring OutKast’s iconic track International Players Anthem, “I Choose You”, on their Underground Kingz album. Referencing the time the New England Patriots selected Brady with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft.

As for Brady, the only final message I could leave him with respects to Bill Belichick, in the words of Denzel Washington in the instant classic film “Man On Fire”, “I wish you had more time”.

How do you see the New England Patriots? Are Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the greatest ever? Leave a comment below.

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