Florida Gators: Good, Bad and Ugly vs the Vanderbilt Commodores

The Florida Gators came into this week off their second lost a week ago to the Georgia Bulldogs. They were at home as they welcomed in the Vanderbilt Commodores. With just three games left this is one that many would say the Gators would dominate. That is what happened. The Gators used their frustration that happened against the Bulldogs and dominated the Commodores. They posted a shut out for the second time this year. Both came at home. With the final two weeks against the Missouri Tigers and Florida State Seminoles. The Tigers are the final SEC opponent. The Seminoles, of course, are their in-state rivals. The Gators most likely won’t be in the college football playoff because of their loss to the Bulldogs. The Gators are close to getting back to the college football playoff. Winning the final two will give them a double-digit win season.


Good: Gators Defense

This has been the strong part of the team all season. Now I know that the two shutouts they have are not against strong teams. But shutting out a team is still a good thing. The Vanderbilt Commodores offense only had 128 total yards. The Gators’ defense had three turnovers. It was amazing to hold a team under 200 yards on the offensive side of the ball. Especially when the Commodores had the ball for 33:22. The turnovers were two interceptions and one fumble. The Commodores were 3 for 16 on third down conversations. The Gators’ defense had them on the ropes. Many people will say the Commodores aren’t the Bulldogs. The defense has been a staple all year let’s see if they can finish strong in the final two games. The game that most will watch will be against the Seminoles. When it’s a rival game anything can happen.

Bad: Vandy Offense

Now, this isn’t a powerful offense. But when you are held to 128 yards of total offense it is bad. In both the run and passing game they were under 100 yards. The Commodores had 77 yards through the air and 51 yards on the ground. When you have the ball for 33:22 and don’t score any awful points. They had the ball for over half the game and were kept off the scoreboard. The Commodores averaged only 1.3 yards a carry. On the other hand, they averaged 3.7 yards on passing plays. The Florida Gators defense once again dominated. The only two games were that hasn’t been the case are against the LSU Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs. The Commodores have a long way to go to the SEC. This type of game shows who the good team is and how another one has a long way to go.

Ugly: Vandy Defense

The Gators offense came out and took out its frustration after the loss to the Bulldogs. The Commodores gave up 560 yards of total offense. They let the Florida Gators score 56 points. The best thing that went their way was the two interceptions. The biggest deficiency was letting the Florida Gators have 410 yards through the air. That came in just a short 26:38 minutes. Like I said above Vandy has a long way to go. The Gators took advantage of it and put up a lot of points.

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