Philadelphia Eagles: Odell Beckham Should be an Option for Philly

With the Philadelphia Eagles competing for the NFC East title, it’s important for the birds to consider acquiring Cleveland Browns’ receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

Not only does Beckham need a change of scenery, but Philly could use a player of his caliber.

Alshon Jeffery isn’t the same player after dealing with injury earlier this season and since he’s getting close to the age of 30, it’s important for the Eagles to look at younger receivers who can move the needle.

DeSean Jackson also was placed on Injured Reserved this week, so depth and lack of talent is an issue for Philly.

Odell Beckham has experience in the NFC East and would join a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

Of course, there’s still $65 million of guaranteed money on his current deal in Cleveland, but that is spread out over the next four years (about $16 million per season). There’s still a possibility that the Eagles can create some extra space and eat that contract.

Philly is currently third in the NFL in cap space available.

With Beckham currently 27-years old, if the Eagles can use him to his full potential then the birds would have a playmaker for years to come and QB Carson Wentz would have an elite target.

The Eagles will have to look for talent to combat the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. In fact, both teams have a young core of some kind.

Beckham would flourish with Doug Pederson calling the plays. He could also flourish with Wentz being able to spread the ball around to different targets. This could help give Beckham more one on one matchups.

It seems like Philly would avoid such an idea since Jeffery had a relatively team-friendly deal. They have also been drafting players out of college at that position.

But, to say the Eagles wouldn’t be one of the more ideal places for Beckham to go is crazy.

The LSU product should want to end up in Philadelphia. Thus playing for a team with playoff experience and talent across the board.

A lot of the Eagles’ future success leans on the progress of Wentz. Therefore, the time is now when it comes to adding as much talent as possible.

With all the veterans on that roster, it would make sense for the Eagles to drown out any potential distraction that Odell could provide.

To say it would be a perfect union would be too optimistic, but Philly would make sense.

Another team that could chime into the Odell Beckham sweepstakes would be Oakland.

The Raiders just chased after Antonio Brown earlier this year and they could use a main attraction before they head to Las Vegas.

Oakland has some money to spend. If they get Cleveland to eat some of the money it would probably just cost them a few draft picks to seal the deal.

With the regular season down to its final seven weeks, it’s never too early to examine potential trades. Thus Odell Beckham landing in a teal jersey should not be out of the question.

Will Odell Beckham end up with the Philadelphia Eagles? Leave a comment below.

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