New England Patriots: There is No Losing Streak On The Horizon

So we saw something for the first time on Sunday night. I am referring to the New England Patriots losing their first game. The Baltimore Ravens were the team that can claim fame to do it for the first time in 2019. They dominated right from the start. Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram Jr. ran wild. Many thought that Bill Belichick would have a system in place to slow down Lamar Jackson. When that didn’t happen it just shows how dynamic of player Jackson is. The Patriots were also outplayed offensively. The Ravens defense was able to stop them on third down and get Tom Brady off the field. The teams that have been able to do this have beat the Patriots. The Ravens did everything right. Many believe that they figured how to beat the Patriots defense. That was to run the ball.


Now the question is this the start of the Patriots losing streak. I don’t believe so. The Patriots are on a bye week. I can promise you that Bill Belichick will not rest and will fix what happened against the Ravens. Their first opponent out of the bye week is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are currently at 5-4. They only trail the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. The Eagles are a good team when it comes to stopping the run. They have only given up 786 total yards in nine games. The two things that the Patriots may have the advantage is in the passing game and turnover ratio. Now the Patriots passing game has not what it has been in the past. They have forgotten about the tight end position since Rob Gronkowski retired at the end of last year.

The Patriots brought end Mohamed Sanu and let Josh Gordon go. They also are good at forcing turnovers. The Eagles are currently -1 in that ratio. I think the Patriots will have no problem with the Eagles after the bye week. After the Eagles, they play another NFC East team in the Dallas Cowboys. If the Patriots beat the Eagles they might cheer for the Patriots to beat the Cowboys. This was the team that lost to the one-win New York Jets. Which came against the Dallas Cowboys. Now the best part of this game unlike the Eagles game it will be at home. The Patriots are one of the hardest teams to beat at home. The Cowboys are 2-2 on the road. The Cowboys are 5-3 other than they lost to the Jets the other two losses came against the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers.


The next two games after that are teams that give the New England Patriots fits. Those teams are the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. The Texans have given the Patriots close and competitive games in the past. The game will also be in Houston. That will be the Sunday night game that week. The Chiefs, of course, played the Patriots in last year’s AFC Championship game. The Patriots were able to slow down Patrick Mahomes enough to win the game. On the flip side, this game will be in Foxboro not at Arrowhead. Mahomes will be back by then. Thus look for another good game. Now, these four games will most likely test the Patriots. They might lose some games down the stretch but the losing streak won’t be an issue. Look for them to beat the Eagles and Cowboys and the Texans and Chiefs might be a tossup.

Out of the final three games, the one that stands out is the Buffalo Bills. I am not saying that the New England Patriots will go undefeated in the last seven games they have. There will be some losses in there but it will not be a losing streak.

Do you think the New England Patriots are on the verge of a losing streak? Leave a comment below.

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