New England Patriots: Good, Bad and Ugly vs the Baltimore Ravens

On Sunday night we saw what a preview of the AFC Championship might be. The two featured were the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens. This game many said the Patriots should have won. Those that said that were wrong the Ravens took right to Patriots from the opening kickoff. Many also thought that Bill Belichick would be able to game plan to slow down Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson has not been able to be stopped and he proves Belichick wrong. In the first quarter, both Jackson and Mark Ingram Jr. had their way running through the great Patriots defense. This is where I believe the game got away from the Patriots. The Ravens were the better team and they proved it. They were the first team to defeat the Patriots in 2019. The Ravens now have an inside track to be the number one seed in the AFC.


The Good: Lamar Jackson

Jackson was an overall playmaker. No matter what he did in this game he could do nothing wrong. He went 17 for 23 for 163 yards and one touchdown. Jackson also rushed for 61 yards on 16 carries and scored two touchdowns. If you look at the stats, he accounted for three touchdowns. The Ravens won the game by 17 points. The rushing game was huge, and the Patriots had no answer. Jackson has been hard to stop. Now he will be a thorn in the side of Bill Belichick. Most likely Belichick will have a better game plan the next time the two teams meet. That could be more important than this one. Jackson is a big part of why the Ravens are winning. We saw last year when they ran the ball on everybody. This could lead to the Ravens going to and winning the Super Bowl.

The Bad: Patriots Offense

Now I know the stats don’t seem like they had a bad game. The Patriots had 342 total yards and possessed the ball 22:59. Where the game was bad was the two turnovers. Tom Brady threw an interception and Julian Edelman had a fumble. These turnovers lead two 14 points. This was the difference in the game. It seems the offense has been off for a couple of weeks now. The defense had shined in those games. Since the Ravens dominated the time of possession and couldn’t be stopped. The Patriots couldn’t sustain drives they were five for 13 on third-down conversions. It’s hard to win games when a team is unable to stay on the field. Now we all know that it will improve, and the wins will come. The run game needs to get better as the season gets closer to the end.

The Ugly: Patriots first loss where many believe will more to come

Many Patriots fans thought this team was going to go undefeated. Now that will not happen. It’s time for Patriots fans to relax. The last time this team went undefeated they lost to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. I do believe the Patriots will lose some more games but that isn’t a terrible thing. They can still be the number one or two seed in the playoffs. Remember last year they were the number two seed and won the Super Bowl? So, we will see how the rest of the season works out.

What were your thoughts on the game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens? Leave a comment below.

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