Florida Gators: Good, Bad and Ugly vs the Georgia Bulldogs

This was the first time in a while where the game between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs meant something. The winner will be representing the East in the SEC Championship. The game is what I thought it would be a defensive game that would be close. This game even though the score was close the game was dominated by the Bulldogs. They controlled the pace. It was the first time outside of the LSU game they were outplayed. The Gators are still a good football team. Once again, they will be in a major bowl game. Also, who knows with all the football left what might happen. We will know next week who the Bulldogs will likely be playing in the Championship game. It will be number one vs number two with the LSU Tiger and Alabama Crimson Tide. It was a good game for both teams.


The Good: Bulldogs on Third Down

The Bulldogs were 12 for 18. That means they were able to sustain drives and turn those drives into points. They controlled the clock with getting all those first downs. The Bulldogs held the ball for 35:48 of the 60 minutes. Now many will look at the scoreboard and see that the Bulldogs only won by seven points. Like I said before in some games the scoreboard doesn’t tell you what happened in the game. Now this means they also didn’t attempt a fourth-down conversation. Some of their third-down conversations were for long yardage. I also think this shows that they could hang with the LSU Tigers or the Alabama Crimson Tide. Which those two could be their matchup in the title game. They could also make it in the college football playoff with the rest of the nation. It makes them look good moving forward.

The Bad: Gators on Third Down

On the flip side, the Gators were horrible on third down. They were two for nine. Which means they were not able to sustain drives. Now like I said above they only lose by seven points. The Bulldogs’ defense was able to get them off the field in key moments. It showed in time of possession the Gators only totaled 24:12 minutes. When a team is unable to stay on the field and score, they will have trouble winning games. Especially against a team like the Bulldogs. This also tires out your defense. Which leads to them failing down the stretch. Moving forward the Gators will have to be better in their final three games. Head coach Dan Mullen will fix this and the final three games the Gators will be sharper. Their final three opponents are the Vanderbilt Commodores, Missouri Tigers, and the Florida State Seminoles.

The Ugly: Social Media

Now I know this wasn’t a problem back in the day. But no matter which team won the other is coming. It is funny on some accounts but when you see lives threaten and stupid stuff it isn’t good. I am not saying that you can’t give your family, friends, and coworkers some grief when their team loses. Somethings are just taken too far. But we know that it will get worse before it gets better.

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