New England Patriots: Looking Ahead to the Baltimore Ravens

The New England Patriots now begin what many say is the meat of their schedule. The only game so far on the schedule that they have been tested is against the Buffalo Bills. They will be heading to Baltimore. The Ravens are going to be a tough opponent. The substantial difference is at quarterback. Lamar Jackson is hard for many defenses to stop. This is the Sunday night game. This might be a preview of the AFC Championship game. We will have to see first how this game goes and how both teams go for the rest of the season. Look for this to a be a back and forth and possibly a low scoring game. Both teams have great defenses and great offenses. It will come down to possibly special teams. Both teams are also well-coached. Many say the Ravens will win this game.


New England Patriots

The Patriots come in as one of the two remaining undefeated teams. They are coming off a beating the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have been one of the teams they have beat the Ravens. The Patriots’ defense has been a bit of a surprise. This is all going on with a defensive coordinator. Bill Belichick has been making all the calls. This week the Patriots defense will be tested. Lamar Jackson is a great runner. Now I am not comparing Josh Allen the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, but they had some issues against him. The Ravens also are one of the best overall running teams in the NFL. The Patriots running game will have to be better. The passing game has been solid and with another week of Mohamed Sanu. If the Patriots play a solid game like the previous eight, they will have very little to worry about.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have two losses. One like I said came against the Cleveland Browns the other is the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Patriots can figure out how to control Lamar Jackson the Ravens will have some trouble. They are coming off a big win on the road against the Seahawks. Not many teams win in Seattle. The Ravens are sitting on top of the AFC North with a 2-1 record inside the division. This will be a real test since the Kansas City Chiefs. They were able to hold Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense to just 16 points. The Patriots will test that this week. The Baltimore Ravens defense has only given up 30 or points twice and both times they have lost. The Patriots have scored 30 or more points in many of their games. So, the question is what is going to give.

This will be a great game to watch. I know I will be tuning in. Let’s see if the Ravens can knock the Patriots out of the unbeaten. If the Patriots win, they have three games remaining that they will be tested. Look for this to be a back and forth game. It will come down to can make the fewest mistakes.

Who wins this game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens? Leave a comment below.

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