MLB: Top 5 World Series Contenders for 2020 Season

After watching the Washington Nationals beat Houston in seven games during this year’s World Series and putting on a show for millions to see, it got me thinking about who could step up and make a big run for the 2020 Fall Classic.

Here are the five teams that should make the biggest push for the crown.

1.  New York Yankees

The Yanks have a loaded roster heading into next season and will most likely have an improved rotation.

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton should be able to play most of the 2020 season and if they can be that fierce duo in the heart of the NY order, then expect big things from the winningest franchise in baseball.

The Yankees will have most of its bullpen intact, but they must find a closer to replace Aroldis Chapman, who could be hitting the open market.

If the Yankees can bring in a combination of Gerrit Cole, Dallas Keuchel and Jake Odorizzi to a rotation that already has Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, and Luis Severino, then New York should be a favorite to win the Fall Classic next year.

2. Philadelphia Phillies

Don’t sleep on a team that has a sense of urgency to win games, a young GM and an owner who has money to play with and good players across the board.

Let’s assume the Phils fix the pitching staff and add an arm like Odorizzi, Cole, Keuchel or Cole Hamels, which would push Zach Eflin and Jake Arrieta to the back end of the starting five, potentially.

Rhys Hoskins and JT Realmuto should come in with injuries or past struggles behind them. Bryce Harper brings the passion and firepower to a lineup that will get back leadoff man Andrew McCutchen.

New skipper Joe Girardi brings the right approach to the game and should put his guys in a great position to be successful.

Of course, there’s a chance division rival Washington will lose Stephen Strasburg or Anthony Rendon.

3. Boston Red Sox

Let me ask you something. Do you trust anyone in the AL, besides Houston and New York, to challenge the Sox next season?

Boston is starting fresh in the front office but is still pursuing success despite winning the 2018 World Series.

The Sox have a loaded lineup and plenty of veterans in the rotation. If Boston can fix the pen, then what’s not to like about their club?

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

Despite missing the World Series this season, LA can still go after a big name in the pitching side of the market.

The Dodgers still have one of the best offenses in the game and the bullpen needs tweaking a little bit.

If LA can add Cole or Strasburg, it makes sense to look at the team from Hollywood when thinking of possible World Series winners.

I think it would be wise for the Dodgers to go after back end help for the pen to not only add depth but to give the team another option to shut the door in the 9th if Kenley Jansen needs a breather.

5. Washington Nationals

Imagine if the Nats can add to the pen and keep Rendon.

Washington brings back plenty of bats and has a good back end of the rotation, but I still believe they need more in the pen.

Sean Doolittle is a good reliever, but if they give him help it only enhances their chances at repeating.

But, most importantly the Nats need to lock up Strasburg.

If they let him go it ruins any chance they have at going back to the World Series, let alone winning it.

Honorable mentions:

Houston Astros

The Stros might not have Cole back in the rotation with free agency looming and I don’t like their pen as much as I used to.

Chicago Cubs

I need to see how David Ross handles new responsibility as the Cubbies’ new manager. I’m not confident in the pitching staff to rise up and get back to playoff form. Do the Cubs trade a bat or two to bring in a few arms.

Tampa Bay Rays

Rays are loaded in the pen, but there needs to more rotation depth and more impact bats in the lineup.

Who makes your Top 5 World Series contenders list? Leave a comment below.

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