Entertainment: Disney+ Vs. HBO Max

A streaming bubble is coming with “Peacock”, Disney+ HBO Max, Apple TV+ coming within the next few months. Consumers have to decide which is the right one for you to keep on top of what you have; Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. It can get pricey, especially if you have cable too. 

You pretty much know what’s already going to be on Disney+ with their back catalog of hundreds of titles. Along with their other acquired IP from FOX, Star Wars and Marvel. Some MCU movies that you see on Netflix will still be on there till next due to an agreement. 


The hard part for these companies is getting the right original content. Netflix spends 15 billion dollars this year and it seems they take a shotgun approach with it by a lot of programming at a time and seeing what hits. Where HBO does a sniper approach and releases shows with high quality and not releasing shows as sporadically thus leaving it easier for viewers to keep track of what is showing on HBO. 

Disney’s plan is to put all the family-friendly content on Disney. Since they now own a majority stake in Hulu, they will put more R-Rated content on that service. It will start at seven dollars a month. They can undercut Netflix and others since they make the majority of their money on other revenues. Don’t expect it to stay that much for long. 

If none of the back catalogs intrigues you, maybe the originals will. On release day, they will have Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The World According to Jeff Goldblum and Kristen Bells show, Encore. 

To me, if you have kids this is a no brainer to get. Other than that, depending on how much you have liked past Disney properties such as Lizzie McGuire which they are doing a sequel series for, then I would get it. I wouldn’t expect anything heavy like Game Of Thrones to be on this network to where it caters to a large audience. 


HBO Max is another story. To me, this will be the best streaming service out of them all, but it will be fifteen dollars a month. HBO Max is run by warner media which owns the content seen below.

They will also be buying content. They recently bought the streaming rights for South Park for five hundred million. South Park is the most streamed show on Hulu so it can pay off for them. They will also be streaming the complete collection of Ghibli Films. Which is a big deal because you can only buy these movies physically, not rent or even buy digitally. 

HBO Max will have more to offer for adults but as stated, will cost twice at much as Disney+.

What HBO Max suffers from is a branding name differential that may hurt them. Naming it HBO Max hurts it because they already have HBO Go, HBO Now, and the regular HBO that’s rolled in for cable users. HBO is a successful brand that they are hoping that can tie their other IP together, but they should have called it something else since HBO has always been mostly for adults and not children.

Will you be getting either service? Why or why not? Leave a comment.

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