Dallas Cowboys: Five Reasons To Keep Jason Garrett

People say “you’re only as good as your last performance”. There is also a belief that it’s better to have a short memory from week to week. In the Dallas Cowboys’ case, both are very much true. Jason Garrett has been under scrutiny from the public after watching the Cowboys go from 3-1 to 3-3. After the most recent win over Philadelphia, however, the scrutiny has calmed ever-so-slightly.

Over the last seven weeks of the season, we’ve seen many people on the Cowboys go from “hero” to “zero” and then vice-versa. While many feel they have what it takes to form an educated opinion, there are really more questions than answers. When one has more questions than answers, is it really possible to form a solid opinion?


With what is known, here are five reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should NOT Fire Coach Jason Garrett:

  • A good coach will dictate player and team direction –

    As the head coach, it is imperative that Jason Garrett has the knowledge and ability to lead his team to victory. Careful studying of the opposition’s tendencies and devising a plan to counterattack is in the hands of the head coach and his staff. But, it doesn’t always work to plan. Coaches can plan but the players must put the plan into action. Jason Garrett has won many important games. The only question remaining is if the Cowboys can go back to their “glory days” and win “the BIG one”. There is no guarantee firing a coach every three years will bring success.

  • No need to disrupt progress

    Fans and media alike yearn for coaches to be fired the moment things go horribly wrong for a team. But what happens when a coach does take the fall for bad performance? When a coach comes into a team, he brings with him some trusted assistants to add to his staff. To add to the hardships of bringing in a new coaching staff, now the team management must be sure that the appropriate players are present to fill roles in the coaching scheme. Rolling the dice on players to fill roles in a coaching scheme doesn’t always work. In fact, the coaching changes may even turn around and haunt the team. Hiring new coaches is a big gamble and could set the team back further.

  • A “contract year” will allow management to see just what Garrett can do

    A decent coach can lead a team under pressure. Jason Garrett is in the final year of his contract with the Dallas Cowboys. With nine games remaining, there are plenty of incentives for the Cowboys to stick it out with him at the helm. The Cowboys could see themselves back in the playoffs. If he is cut loose early, fans will never know. The Cowboys could string together a few more wins and be a top team in the NFC. Pondering lofty possibilities, but the Cowboys can’t predict the future. There is also no guarantee of the next point – better options.


  • A search for “better” options

    The hunt for a new coach is an interesting and intricate process. If you hire someone who had previously been fired, you’re stuck with wondering if the person will make the same mistake on your team. A blemish on the résumé is still a blemish. Hiring a person who was previously fired is comparable to the saying: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  If they didn’t fit with the team prior, there is no guarantee he will fit in Dallas. Key point: Super Bowl wins are never guaranteed.

  • Faith In Garrett Leading To Faith In Each Other

    With only seven games having been played, there is still a long road to the playoffs for the Cowboys. 4-3 this early is not great, but it leaves room for improvement and growth. The NFC East is far from an exciting division. The Cowboys lead the division by only one game. Firing Garrett with nine games to go signifies desperation. The blame for the Cowboys record should not be placed solely on Jason Garrett. The players are the ones enacting the game plan. Thus the players should take ownership. The players should hold a meeting without the coaches, that is, if there is a need for it.  Having Faith in Garrett will lead to faith in each other.

The Dallas Cowboys are 4-3 and are resting up during this bye-week. While 4-3 isn’t much to get excited about, there is still a long road ahead. Jason Garrett and the Cowboys have nine games to either improve or sink. With him being in the final year of his contract, a divorce between Garrett and the Cowboys seems unlikely. However, the Cowboys faithful (and management) should buckle their seatbelts. The next few weeks should be an interesting ride. Hopefully, things don’t come to a crashing halt.

What do you think the Dallas Cowboys should do with Jason Garrett? Leave a comment below.

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