Dallas Cowboys: Did Beating the Philadelphia Eagles Turn the Season?

The Dallas Cowboys started off the season with a red-hot 3-1 record. During the first quarter of the season, the defensive side of the Cowboys only allowed 56 points and 1,274 yards. The Dallas Cowboys outscored opponents 107-56. Even with the loss, the Cowboys offense was held under 450 total yards once.

After suffering their first loss to New Orleans, the Cowboys suffered two more heartbreaking defeats. The defense still stood tall for the Cowboys in the following two games. However, the offense would sputter. Against the Packers, the Cowboys only scored 24 points. Then, the Cowboys scored 22 against the (then) winless New York Jets. The Packers would defeat the Cowboys 34-24 and Jets would win 24-22.

Despite the speculation by fans, media, and comments from Philadelphia’s head coach, the Cowboys defied all odds and expectations with a 37-10 win against the second-place Philadelphia Eagles. The defense remained consistent holding a very good Eagles team to 283 total yards. Meanwhile, the Cowboys offense hushed critics with a total 402 yards. The Cowboys have even found some momentum. This momentum is what this team needs as a turning point for the season. The following are five reasons why the win over the Eagles will be the Cowboys turning point:

Confidence during bye-week

The Dallas Cowboys come into the bye-week with a bit of momentum. After beating the Eagles, the Cowboys showed the world that they aren’t afraid to play with their backs against the wall. The Eagles have been near the top of the division all season. Like the Cowboys, there were some bumps in the road. But, when it all comes down to it, they don’t quit. The Cowboys offense looked like a different team than the one we saw from the previous two weeks.

Everyone from Dak Prescott to Amari Cooper, to Ezekiel Elliott, looked like they were firing at all cylinders. Additionally, rookie Tony Pollard and Randall Cobb had been a force on the offense consistently. With Cooper being out for a short time with an injury, Elliott out with his contract issues, both still have made an impact.

The bye-week will allow for the banged-up players to get healthy and the healthy players to develop better chemistry. Furthermore, the confidence from the most recent win should be carried over into the practices and into the game following the bye-week. Confidence is key in most situations. There were a few in-game situations that left fans amazed. The Cowboys showed aggression and confidence.  With the following game against the rival New York Giants, a win would put the Cowboys even further ahead in the division.

Defense shows strengths in win over Philadelphia

There is really not much to say about the Cowboys defense that takes the field this season. The addition of Robert Quinn has certainly helped and will continue to be a bright spot this season. Through five games, Quinn has 11 total tackles and six sacks. There is a new Sheriff in town for the Cowboys. His name is Robert Quinn. While a 4-3 record is disappointing right now, the defense has many big names to make things happen. Holding the talented Eagles team under 300 yards is proof the Cowboys defense is a force in the National Football League.

Coaching decisions lead to the right plays being made at the right time

With the record standing at 3-3, fan and media began to speculate if he’d make it through the final year of his contract. As the season has continued to roll, Garrett’s leadership and energy he brings him into the spotlight. Media has even speculated that Jerry Jones has a “yes man” in Garrett. However, in recent news, the team owner has said quite the opposite. Garrett showed that he can open up the playbook a little deeper with the most recent win. The current bye-week should allow for some time to open up the playbook even more. But one question remains: Are the conservative coaching habits due to disbelief I the team, or does it stem from disbelief in his own abilities? The coach has nine more games to prove his ability to lead the team.

The new faces on the team continue to step up

There are a few players who have made an impact on every game up until this point. Whether it’s Vander Esch solidifying his spot on defense, or rookie running back Tony Pollard showing he can carry the workload when needed, it seems like a new name and face is poised to make an impact every week.

One such surprising player, Michael Gallup, has shown he does and should have a bright future with the Dallas Cowboys. As previously mentioned, Robert Quinn is also making quite a name for himself on defense. Brett Maher, another new face who just joined the team last season, is also well on his way to putting his name in the Cowboys record books. Fun fact, he is the first player to have consecutive field goals of 60 yards or more in the NFL.


The atmosphere is key in any performance. When the athlete is on his game, the teammates feed off the energy. When the teammates feel it, the coaches feel it. When the coaches and everyone else feel it, the fans feel it. The atmosphere has the power to motivate the players just as much as coaching.

Fans have the power to create an atmosphere. When the team is doing well, the fans can have an impact by being loud and making it hard for the other team to focus. When the team isn’t doing so well, the fans have a tendency to get quiet. What this does, is allows the opposition to communicate and continue to play their way.

Whether or not the team is performing, the DJ and fans should make the stadium as loud as possible. In doing so, the opposition gets an image of the fans as a whole that sticks to them. Fans and their interest in the game could have an impact on the game.

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