Philadelphia Phillies: Joe Girardi Is the Right Man for the Phils

It’s no secret there are three managers the Philadelphia Phillies are looking at during their managerial search, following a .500 season and missing the playoffs for the eighth consecutive year. However, the Phils should sign Joe Girardi and make it snappy.

Joe Girardi not only won a World Series with the New York Yankees in the last decade, but he also had a chance to win in The Bronx which is not easy.

Girardi also was accustomed to being around big names such as Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, which helps since the Phils have players like Bryce Harper and JT Realmuto.

Let’s not forget Girardi is a former big-league catcher. He has a great understanding of the position and what to expect from pitchers. That should help Realmuto get even better and assist the younger pitchers in hitting their spots more consistently.

The Phils need a manager who knows how to be an old school and new school guy. Joe Girardi is full of knowledge and provides a calm presence, while also having a sense of urgency when necessary.

Girardi makes sense for Philly due to his ability to grind and work for his spot on the field, since he wasn’t the best player in his playing days.

The 55-year old stays connected with today’s game since he is currently a TV analyst and constantly demonstrates why he deserves another opportunity to manage a ball club.

Why aren’t Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker the best fits in Philly?

Showalter isn’t known for being relatable and sometimes is too stubborn. Baker is 70-years old and probably more old school than what the Phils are looking for.

For the long-term, the Phillies should pick Girardi to lead the team moving forward.  Meanwhile, the Phils need to give him a good arsenal of arms.

The one thing that hurt Gabe Kapler was GM Matt Klentak not giving him enough starting pitchers and pen arms.

What arguably sealed Kap’s fate was Klentak not being aggressive at the trade deadline.

With owner John Middleton stepping in to make big choices, it only lights a fire under Klentak to sign Girardi and it’s not even close.

The Phils have money and the motivation to become a winner right now.

Girardi can be there for a long time. He can give a great balance of new and old school while giving the team a culture change in the clubhouse.

Don’t go twisting the message, Joe Girardi can’t do it all by himself. However, his ability to develop relationships with players and understand the right buttons to push make him an ideal candidate.

Baker and Showalter haven’t had much success in the playoffs over the last 10 years. Girardi has been surrounded by winning from his days as a backstop to being the Yanks’ skipper for a decade.

If Philly doesn’t select Girardi to lead the squad, then they will have to deal with the consequences. Thus, he will most likely go to the Chicago Cubs, who have loads of talent.

Should the Philadelphia Phillies make Joe Girardi their next manager? Leave a comment below.

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