NBA: Five Teams To Watch This Season

The NBA season is about to start and is the most hyped in recent memory; you have a generational talent in Zion Williamson making his rookie debut, The Warriors essentially broke up, and the Clippers being the favorite to win the championship which in itself is intriguing. However, they don’t even make the list of the 5 teams to watch this NBA Season 

The Lakers and the Clippers did not make the list. I feel I should address why because they’re  LA teams that have 4 top 10 players among them. LeBron is at that age where he coasts in the regular season. The dynamic of LeBron playing with someone like Davis is intriguing but the players they have around them are what doesn’t them worthwhile. 


Paul George will be out 6 weeks to start the NBA season. Also, Kawhi will be on load management just like with the Raptors. They won’t be worth tuning into to till the postseason. 

Houston Rockets

This is the best NBA team that Russell Westbrook has been on in his career. He has never had this good of a supporting cast on his team. Let’s hope he and Harden don’t burn themselves out in the regular season like they have the past two seasons and not perform up to par in the playoffs. Every coach Westbrook has had, they essentially let him run whatever he wants with no stability. With D’Antoni, I don’t see that happening with his fast-paced offense that works well with Westbrook’s style.

Toronto Raptors

Most people only remember the Raptors for their playoff run but forget that they were still a good team without Kawhi. They went 17-5 without him last season and I’m sure they and the fans will see this as a silver lining that everything will be fine for them. Pascal Siakam being the “most improved player” is someone they can lean on for the future of the organization as well. 

Philadelphia 76ers

Aside from them being heavy favorites to win the finals, if defense is your thing, the 6ers should be tops in the NBA with the subtraction of Redick and the addition of Richardson. They’ll have the tallest lineup in the league; Ben Simmons at 6’10”, Josh Richardson at 6’6”, Tobias Harris at 6’9”, Al Horford at 6’10”, and Joel Embiid at 7’0”. Totaling 407 inches. 

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans received players from the Anthony Davis trade that will have a lot to prove and no pressure now that they are not playing with LeBron and in LA. Ball, Ingram, and Hart are all players who can play well at level with someone Like Zion. So far in the pre-season, Zion has been looking good against players like Rudy Gobert. Every game that involves a matchup between him and a top center will be worth watching. 

Milwaukee Bucks

Last season was a learning point for the Bucks. They made a leap in having the MVP and best team record. I want to see how they adjust without Malcolm Brogden who I think was their second-best player. Also how Giannis adjusts to teams stacking the paint to defend them. If he adds a decent shot, they should be top of the league again.

Who are your teams to watch? Leave a comment below.

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