USF Bulls: Looking Ahead to the Game Against the BYU Cougars

The USF Bulls return home for their homecoming game this Saturday. Their coming off what might be the best game they have played all season. They will host the BYU Cougars at Raymond James Stadium. The Cougars defeated the Tennessee Volunteers already this year. This should be a good game especially if the Bulls played like they did last week. Head coach Charlie Strong said he feels the game against UConn Huskies was a team builder. What I mean is he feels that they can use that experience in hopes to win this week against BYU. What the Bulls need is for the fans to show up Saturday. Especially for the homecoming game and to make Raymond James Stadium loud. This will make it hard for the Cougars. If the Bulls want to win, they will have to avoid mistakes. The ones that have cost them in their losses.


BYU Cougars

The Cougars come into the game with the same record as the Bulls have 2-3. Now I mentioned earlier they beat the Tennessee Volunteers. Their other win came against the USC Trojans so both wins have come against big schools. Two of their losses came Utah Utes and Washington Huskies which are both big schools as well. The Cougars lost two weeks ago on the road against the Toledo Rockets. They had two weeks to prepare for the Bulls. This one of the games that many Bulls fans were looking forward to. I think many fans thought that both teams would have better records. Quarterback Jaren Hall will be the first African American to start at BYU. He will have a decent Bulls defense. If the Cougars can run the ball It will be a long night for the Bulls. Let’s see how the Cougars approach the game.

USF Bulls

Like I mentioned earlier the Bulls are at 2-3. This team has shown that they can play well enough to win. They showed that last week. Now I know many people will say that UConn is a basketball school. The Bulls found something that they struggled with all season that is running the football. They have struggled so far with Kerwin Bell’s offense. Maybe this was the game the system has found its way. Jordan McCloud looked good despite having a wrist injury he suffered against the SMU Mustangs. Blake Barnett the other USF Bulls quarterback is still being affected by a high ankle sprain. Jordan Cronkrite look liked he did last year. He sliced through many defenses with big runs for chunks of yards. Up till last week against the Huskies, he couldn’t get going. The Bulls will focus on that this week and moving forward.

This game like last week is that someone will be getting their 3rd win. Both teams need the win to stay in the hunt for a bowl game appearance. The Bulls would like to win their homecoming game. If they play like they did last week they should have no problem.

Who will win the BYU Cougars or USF Bulls? Leave a comment below.

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