Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Good, Bad, and Ugly Against the New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battled yesterday to be on top of the NFC South. It was a back and forth contest but in the end, the Saints would get the win. This, of course, came after the Buccaneers put up a franchise-record 55-points a week ago against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Saints too came in with a win beating the Dallas Cowboys in a low scoring contest. They are doing this all with future Hall of Famer quarterback Drew Brees. Back up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has shined in both of his starts. According to Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians Bridgewater should be a starter in the NFL. The Saints were favorites coming into the start of the season. What the last two wins have shown is that they can still win even without Brees. On the other hand, the Buccaneers still have some ways to go.

Good: Saints shutting down Mike Evans and Shaq Barrett

The two biggest weapons that the Buccaneers have on both sides of the ball were eliminated yesterday. Evans is the main weapon the Buccaneers have on offense. Yesterday he was targeted three times and didn’t make one catch. Offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich tried moving him into the slot. This was to try and get him more targets, but the New Orleans Saints shut him down no matter where he was placed. The way that Saints counteracted that was to double cover him. Shaq Barrett came into the game with nine sacks. He has been a big weapon for the Buccaneers. The Saints made him disappear. He had no sacks at all in yesterday’s game. They were able to control the Buccaneers and their blitz attack. He only had two combined tackles. Head coach Sean Peyton had the right game plan drawn up to stop these two.

Bad: Buccaneers won the turnover battle and still came up with L

In most games, the team that wins the battle wins the game. Well, yesterday that prove to be wrong. The Buccaneers had no turnovers and the Saints threw an interception. The interception came from rookie Sean Murphy-Bunting. He read the throw going to Alvin Kamara. Just like against the Rams the Buccaneers turned the turnover into a touchdown. They did it into short pays finding Chris Goodwin on a 26-yard touchdown pass. In the last two games, the Buccaneers have eliminated the mistakes, but they were unable to win. In the future, the Buccaneers will need to win these games moving forward.

Ugly: Buccaneer Running Game

The Buccaneers only had 94-yards on the ground yesterday. Coming into the season the Buccaneers were a one-dimensional offense. Most defenses had a game plan to stop the pass. Peyton Barber had 32-yards and Ronald Jones had 35-yards. This will not cut it moving forward. They must take the pressure off Jameis Winston. 94-yards will not help that. NFL defense will take the same game plan the Saints had and copy it. The other rushing yards came on a Scotty Miller end around that went for 18-yards. The running attack now travels to London to play the Carolina Panthers. The same Panthers that they beat just a few weeks ago.

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