New England Patriots: Good, Bad, and Ugly Against the Washington Redskins

America’s nightmare, the New England Patriots, traveled the nation’s capital yesterday. The struggling Washington Redskins would be their opponent. The same Washington Redskins were so excited to draft Dwayne Haskins in this year’s draft. Many people that are inside the Redskins organization said that head coach Jay Gruden didn’t want Haskins. Speaking of Gruden, he had a video that surfaced of him for over a year ago of him smoking possibly an illegal substance.

Now many knew it would be hard for the Redskins to defeat the New England Patriots. They were only able to score seven points. The Redskins defense gave up 30 or more points again. The question is can it get better in Washington? Well, the Redskins may have answered that question they made some changes. The New England Patriots just keep winning. The game yesterday showed that. Here is the good, bad, and ugly for the Patriots and Redskins.


Good: Patriots win

This game was two-halves for the Patriots. Coming off their closest win last week against the Buffalo Bills. In the first half, the Patriots great defense kept the Redskins at bay. It took until the second half until the Patriots offense got on track. Patriots running back Sony Michael had a good game. He rushed for 91-yards on 16 carries and one touchdown. Tom Brady had a good game as well he went 28 for 42 for 348 yards three touchdowns and one interception. The defense caused two turnovers. The Redskins had one fumble and one interception. The Patriots defense also had six sacks. These are the types of games the Patriots need. They stayed undefeated which is good as the other undefeated team the Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Indianapolis Colts. Now the Patriots get ready for a Thursday night matchup with the New York Giants.

Bad: Redskins Offense

Now they had the ball for just over 28 minutes. The Redskins only scored seven points. The Patriots defense has smothered much better teams. They only managed 11 first downs. Quarterback Colt McCoy went 18 for 27 for 119 yards and one interception. Prior to this game they only had one game that they didn’t score 20 or more points. The question now is should McCoy get benched for Dwayne Haskins. Haskins has looked shaky and now under a new head coach maybe he could shine. This offense needs to be shook up if the Redskins are going to get a win. The good news is that they play the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins may be exactly what the Redskins need. We will have to wait and see. The Patriots shut out the Dolphins and if the Redskins as a team can be better, they will get their first win.

Ugly: Jay Gruden fired

Gruden went 35-49-1 as a head coach. All six seasons with the Washington Redskins. He was fired on Monday. As he exited, he said he is not bitter he just didn’t get the job done. He only had two winning seasons. In 2015 the Redskins went 9-7, won the NFC East and made the playoffs. They would, of course, lose in the first round to the Green Bay Packers. The next season in 2016 the Redskins went 8-7-1. Other than that, they went 7-9 the past two seasons. The Redskins went 0-5 to start and Redskins brass had enough. Maybe we will see him as an assistant to his brother Jon Gruden next year when the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

What are your thoughts on the game between the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins? Leave a comment below.

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