Florida Gators: Good, Bad, and Ugly vs the Towson Tigers

The Florida Gators after this game start the meat of their schedule. They would welcome the Towson Tigers to the Swamp. Some fans on social media this was the last winnable game on the schedule. I disagree with the true test for the Gators will come over the next four games. Other than the games against the Miami Hurricanes and Kentucky Wildcats the Gators have been dominating. That has also happened since they lost quarterback, Feleipe Franks. Kyle Trask has looked great and the offense has slowed down. The games against the Hurricanes and Wildcats were close but they made plays when they needed them and pulled out wins. The Towson Tigers came in with a 3-1 record. They had a big uphill battle to win. On the other hand, they received $500,000 for making the trip which helps with their travel budget. This is the good, bad and ugly.

The Good – Kyle Trask and Gators Offense

Since Kyle Trask came in the Kentucky Wildcats game the Gators offense hasn’t missed a beat. The Gators have two shutouts this year. They only had two overall last year. Now those shutouts came against what many would call cupcakes. They would come today against the Towson Tigers and against the UT Martin Skyhawks. If the offense looks this good moving into the games against the Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks, and Georgia Bulldogs they will be fine. The running game needs to do better to make complete. The Gators offense had 422 total yards. Trask went 18 for 20 for 188 yards and two touchdowns. They posted a shutout and the offense once again looked good. The Gators scored in every quarter. They also were 6 for 9 on third-down conversions. The Gators had 160 yards on the ground which is better.

The Bad – Towson Turnovers and Penalties

The Tigers had a mountain to climb if they were going to beat the Gators. Now they benefited from this trip anyway earning $500,000. The Tigers didn’t score any points. The main reason why is the penalties and turnovers. The Tigers had three turnovers. Two of those were interceptions and one fumble. It’s hard to beat a good team when you turn the ball over once by to give the Gators three is a huge sin. The Tigers had seven penalties for 40 yards. Once again making mistakes like this doesn’t help your cause. They came into this game with a 3-1 record. This will probably be their toughest opponent of the year. The Tigers should have been able to score some points but these mistakes. The Gators have a good defense and the Tigers gave them three chances to help their offense.

The Ugly – Time of Possession

The Tigers did turn the ball over three times. They still possessed the ball for 29 minutes. The Gators held for nearly 31 minutes. The difference is the Gators scored 38 points. On the other hand, the Tigers scored none. I know the Gators are good on defense, but they let the Tigers nearly have the ball if they did. Now the Gators defense has been good all season and it will be good for the rest of the season. It just also means the Gators offense scored quickly when they had the ball. Look for them to try and do the same as they head into the meat of their schedule.

What are your thoughts on the game between the Florida Gators and Towson Tigers? Leave a comment below.

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