New England Patriots: Good, Bad, and Ugly Vs Jets

The New England Patriots play host to a division foe the New York Jets. Now the Patriots had just come off a dominating another division foe the Miami Dolphins. They shutout the Dolphins. Many believed they would the same thing to the Jets. Now if you didn’t hear the Patriots released Antonio Brown after just one game. In a way, the Patriots could win without him as they defeated the Pittsburg Steelers in week one. The New York Jets came into this game looking for their first win. They have been beaten up by injuries. They lost their backup quarterback a week ago against the Cleveland Browns. Their third-string quarterback finished at started against a Patriots defense that has only allowed three points. That meant unwelcome news for the Jets and trying to not only win but score points. Here is the good, bad and ugly.


The Good: Patriots defense

Like I said above they only allowed three points up to this game. The Jets scored a touchdown in both the third and fourth quarter. The Patriots defense held the Jets to just 6 first downs and 105 total yards. That would be hard for any team to do anything. This defense has been strong since the start. They have now held teams just 17 points in three games. Now many will say you can’t count last week game against the Dolphins. Also, the Jets are on their third-string quarterback. As starter Sam Darnold is out with mono. This was the fourth-fewest in franchise history. This game is the fifth consecutive first-half shut out including the postseason. With the way the offense has been playing for a long time, the Patriots have become a dominant team. Now the American Nightmare is solid and scary.

The Ugly: Jets Offense

Now I know we shouldn’t be tough on the Jets offense. They are on their third-string quarterback. Now they do have Leveon Bell. Bell is one of the best backs in the NFL. He was a big part of the Pittsburg Steelers offense. At this point, he is the only bright spot for the Jets offensively. Bell rushed for 35 yards on 18 attempts for an average of 1.9 yards a carry. He has yet to shine for the Jets. He also is a dual-threat back he had four catches for 28 yards. Meaning he only totals 63 yards yesterday. Now maybe when Sam Darnold gets back this offense will move more freely. They have a lot of questions under Adam Gase. They now sit at 0-3 and they are losing on all sides of the ball. Both the Patriots and Bills are 3-0.

The Ugly: There isn’t one, so I am going to throw in another good

With the win over the Jets, the New England Patriots have the most wins of any team over the past decade. In those wins, they have won 15 straight home games. This is also the seventh time under Bill Belichick they have started 3-0. This marked the third straight game they have scored 30 or more points. Brady has passed Drew Brees for sole possession of second place on the all-time touchdown list. He also set a record for the most touchdowns in a single season by a quarterback at the age of 42. With how both sides of the ball are playing baring any serious injuries American Nightmare is on their way to another Super Bowl title.


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