Florida Gators: The Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Volunteers

In the past when the Florida Gators play the Tennessee Volunteers it was a game that everyone wanted to watch. It hasn’t been that recently it has been a series dominated by the Gators. These two teams are going in two different directions. The Gators had a great first season under Dan Mullen. They finished the season with a big bowl win over the Michigan Wolverines. The Volunteers have been searching for a head coach since Phillip Fulmer left the sidelines. He is currently the Athletic Director. Their season did not good start losing to Georgia State and BYU. Coming into the game on paper it looked like the Gators would dominate. Well that was exactly what happened. The Florida Gators came out and other than the three turnovers it was a great game. Here is the good, bad and ugly for the Florida Gators and the Tennessee Volunteers.


The Good: Kyle Trask

Well after the Gators lost quarterback Feleipe Franks last week to a dislocated ankle injury. It was time for the Kyle Trask era to begin. Trask came out and looked very comfortable. He went 20 for 28 for 293 yards and 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The Gators offense put up 34 points. This is what the Gators and their fans needed to see that even without Franks they can still win. The Gators now will play Towson before they get back to SEC play. In the next four weeks, they will play the Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, and Georgia Bulldogs. That doesn’t include the South Carolina Gamecocks. These will all be tough opponents tougher than the Vols. As a Gators fan, I feel very good about the games after Towson. The feature looks bright for the Gators as hopefully the rise through the ranks.

The Bad: Volunteers offense

Now we know the Volunteers have a young quarterback. Their offense only put up three points. The Gators offense turn the ball over three times. This gave the Volunteers chances to score points. They only had 259 total yards. Now they also turn the ball over four times and lost the turnover battle. The Volunteers were just 4 for 13 on third-down conversions. These team has had some games where they can score points and others like yesterday. The Gators have a good defense we know that. The Volunteers have a long way to go to get back to what we are used to for them offensively. The big teams in the SEC like the Gators are far ahead of the Volunteers. This offense will have to be much better if they will be able to salvage what is left of their season.

The Ugly: The Series

If you are a Volunteers fans than you are wondering when their team will start winning in the series again. This game used to kickoff at 3:30 and both fan bases looked forward to this game every year. Now the Gators fans can mark on their calendar as a win. This year it was in Gainesville and it will move to Knoxville in 2020. It does not look good for the Volunteers. Now for Gator fans if they play the game, they will the Volunteers as the second SEC game on the calendar every year. Let hope for both fan bases this game becomes a classic in the feature.

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